Cascade Pendant
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Cascade Pendant

Hand-forged cascading metal pendant

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8 hours


Hi there, and welcome to the Cascade Pendant class!

This is a fun, creative class where you will be given two options to choose from, depending on your skill level.

For Beginners, we will be working with a simplified version that will have easy to cut shapes of your choice, so that you can get used to using your saw. We will be working in rich copper and will be learning shaping, texturing, soldering, forming and of course- sawing and filing. Lots to sink your teeth into!

For the Intermediate level students, we will be working in Sterling Silver. Your designs will be more ambitious and so will the level of skill you will need to complete the soldering. At this level, you will need to be familiar and comfortable with the butane hand-held torch, the jewellers saw and able to solder with minimal supervision.

This is a unique opportunity to work in a split-level class. Beginners will get to see more advanced techniques at play, and will be learning as they work on their own projects. Intermediate and advanced students will be working more independently, whilst still in a supportive environment where they are safe to try techniques and design ideas that they might not have felt comfortable trying out alone.
This also means that friends can come along together, no matter if one is familiar with silversmithing, and the other is brand new to the skill!

So grab your friends, and come and make a day of it here with me at Gilded Poppy Makery.

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What you will learn

  • Time to get creative! While the samples might be pebbles and flowers- the design of your piece is entirely up to you and your current skill level! We have the whole day to work on it, so we have time to do something truly unique to you!

What you will get

  • You'll be with me from 10am to 5:30pm (unless you're all speedy and we finish up earlier!) so I'll have morning tea ready for you when you get here. Coffee and tea are available for you at any time, and when we break for lunch, there are several cafes and eateries nearby, or you can bring your own lunch if you prefer.
Parking Info

Parking is easily available in Dorset Square. If you're coming for a 3 hour class, you can park anywhere the 3 hour limit is sign posted. If you're coming for an all-day class, you can park on the roof level of the Coles Parking Building for free all-day parking.

What to bring

  • Nope! Just yourself as everything you need will be provided in class.

What to wear

We are working with fire and really hot metal, so there are a few things that we have to do before we start. 1) Long hair must be tied back, with no stragglers. Headbands are great to keep it from falling forward of your face. 2) Clothes should be of natural materials: Cotton, bamboo, hemp, wool etc. Polyester and Nylon are made from plastic- and plastic melts if something hot lands on it! Sleeves need to be rolled back out of the way, and an apron tied over your clothes to stop anything loose from falling forward. T-shirt and jeans are a great choice, with a flannel shirt if it’s a bit chilly. (I will have an apron here to cover your clothes, so you don’t have to bring your own.) 3) Just like our bodies, our feet need protecting too. Tools are sharp, things are hot, and everything falls downwards if we fumble, so closed toe shoes are a must. Boots, sneakers- anything without gaps will do. 4) Personal jewellery should have as little ‘dangle’ as possible. Charm bracelets and chunky rings are gorgeous but get i

Appropriate for

This class encompasses both beginner and intermediate level students. You will need to be over 16yrs old and able to concentrate for the full day. Bring your sense of humour for a day of laughs and learning!

Gilded Poppy

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Welcome to the home of Gilded Poppy Makery, a fun, relaxing place to learn the art of Silversmithing.
Here you will meet new friends as you take raw materials and turn them into beautiful pieces of jewellery that will thoroughly impress your friends and family.

Small, intimate classes of no more than five people ensure plenty of one-on-one time with Storm as you put your new skills to the test creating a wide range of projects including rings, earrings, cuffs, bracelets and pendants.

The various classes will cover techniques such as Soldering, Pierce-work, Filing and Finishing, Stone Setting, Fold-forming, Etching, Enamelling, Metal Clay, Kumihimo Cord Making, Viking knit, Wire Wrapping, Bone Carving and so much more. It's fair to say that there is something for everyone, and you won't be bored any time soon!

Book into your class today and bring a friend or two. With a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 people, these classes are perfect way to escape from the daily rat-race for yourself, or as a crafty get-together with friends.

Gilded Poppy Makery is a warm, inclusive place where learning is fun and mistakes are celebrated as 'Design Features' (we have a sticker with that very thing on it!). Bring your curiosity and a sense of humour and join us at the workbench.

I'm looking forward to meeting you all,



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Cancellations & Refunds

If the organiser cancels the class:

You are entitled to a full refund.

If you can't attend the class:

You’re welcome to send someone in your place.


  • A refund can be requested 7 days before class starts. Free of charge.
  • A transfer can be requested 7 days before the class starts. Free of charge.

No changes will be allowed after these times.

Terms & Conditions

Anyone partaking in any classes or coming to any events at Gilded Poppy or organised by Gilded Poppy must agree to these terms and conditions.


I agree to take on full responsibility for any damages, injuries and for physical and/or personal property, which I might incur whilst participating in classes and/or events organised by Gilded Poppy


I agree to give Gilded Poppy unrestricted publishing rights for any photographs or videos taken at Gilded Poppy  classes and events or on Gilded Poppy premises. (For use of Gilded Poppy marketing materials).

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