4-Week Jewellery Making Course: From Raw Material to Finished Product


We all know jewellery is always such a good investment! Learn how to make jewellery from raw material to finished product.

In this course, Ken Murphy will show you how to:

  1. Alloy silver to sterling silver
  2. Melt the alloy and pour into mould
  3. Roll and form metal
  4. Solder silver
  5. File and fine emery jewellery
  6. Polish jewellery

Ken is flexible and happy to accommodate your preferred time slot. Classes run daily from Mondays to Sundays, anytime from 9:00am to 10:00pm.

Indicate your preferred time in "Special Requests" during booking. Ken will contact you to confirm your schedule.

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What you will learn
  • How to alloy silver to sterling silver
  • How to melt the alloy and pour into mould
  • How to roll and form metal
What you will get
  • Learn to polish jewellery
  • Hands-on training in jewellery making
  • Knowledge of the entire jewellery making process - from start to finish

What to bring
  • Hand tools (if you have any)
  • Sun glasses (when melting)
  • Safety glasses for drilling
  • Apron
  • Ideas for your jewellery piece
What to wear


Appropriate for

Beginners are welcome.


GoldenLink Jewellers

Vendor since 2014

Ken Murphy is a qualified indentured Jeweller who has finished a 4 year apprenticeship, who trained under one of Melbournes best Jewellers, who custom makes jewellery by hand from a design, a picture, remaking an existing loved piece to an new original piece. He also does restorations, remodeling, and repairs,and has just passed 32 years in the industry, and only likes to make hand made Jewellery with quality stonese can even have a selection of stones for you to choose from in the shape of your choice.

At GoldenLink Jewellers we ensure that we provide you with high quality Custom Made Jewellery at an affordable price.

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