Hens Party (10 Person)

We have combined the best elements of the chocolate appreciation with the "most fun" section of the chocolate workshop, to give a fun filled 2 hours of chocolate excitement. We begin with a glass of wine [this will help in the understanding of chocolate] then brief history of chocolate, how chocolate is made, is chocolate an aphrodisiac, and why women need chocolate. Everyone will then choose a mould and proceed to make delectable chocolate. You can choose to fill the mould with one flavour, or use a number of different flavours. When the chocolates are finished the flavour of the chocolate will then be a surprise.

After the chocolate is made, while we are waiting for it to set, the group can busy themselves by hand dipping strawberries, marshmallow, Turkish delight and nuts into their choice of milk or dark chocolate. The budding Chocolatiers with the most promise can then progress to make freckles etc.

When the chocolate is set the moulds are stripped, the content that is not eaten is placed into a box to take home.

You can bring some wine, if you think that will help you in making better chocolate

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Class Schedule

Duration: Approximately 2 hours, larger group may take longer.

What you will learn
  • A brief history of chocolate, how chocolate is made, the difference between milk, dark and white chocolate.
  • A fabulous hot chocolate, made to a early 17th century recipe.
  • Each participant will make and take home approximately 24 filled chocolates
What you will get
  • Take home all the chocolates you do not eat
  • All you ever wanted to know about chocolate can be answered

What to bring
  • You can bring some wine, if you think that will help you in making better chocolate
What to wear

Casual (Apron)


Kimberley Chocolates

Vendor since 2016

Kimberley Chocolates was established in 1994 by Joseph Atallah BSc (Food Science) with the aim of producing good quality chocolate and making it accessible to the general public. At that time in Sydney, very little good quality chocolate was being made and Joseph's idea of combining couverture chocolate with ingredients such as lemon myrtle, quandong and chilli proved very successful.Selling at markets and shows as well as from the Leichhardt factory, Kimberley Chocolates' range of chocolate truffles quickly became sought after and Joseph rapidly gained a reputation as an innovative chocolatier with a wealth of knowledge that he was willing to share.

With appearances on TV and in other media outlets, customers became keen to not only taste his product but to learn more about chocolate. Firstly, Joseph established Chocolate Appreciation Classes and the success of these informative sessions lead to the demand for hands-on Chocolate Workshops. Participants of the workshops love learning the secrets of chocolate truffle making and enjoy being able to take their handmade creations home with them along with the know-how of how to replicate them in the comfort of their

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