Create fun bush toys with fibre-design artist, Adrienne Kneebone. Using soft grass, colourful wool and some big buttons, participants can create anything from a small grass lizard to a mighty pair of buffalo horns. Participants will be taught about the grass collecting and preparing process. Then, using simple wrapping and sculpting techniques, each participant will design and create their own toy to take home. 

ALLERGY ADVICE: Please note this class includes the use of hay. If you have an allergy it might be a good idea to bring along some antihistamine just in case or drop us a line if you’re concerned.

Presented with Border Lines exhibition, Linden New Art, 11 August > 24 September.

Image courtesy of the artist, Adrienne Kneebone.

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Class Schedule

This class takes place Saturday 9 September > 12:30PM to 2PM

What you will learn
  • Learn hands-on techniques to design and create a bush toy
  • Learn how to collect and prepare natural materials
  • Learn simple wrapping and sculpting techniques
What you will get
  • Each participant will walk away with his or her own bush toy creation and toy making skills!

What to bring
  • All materials provided
What to wear


Appropriate for

Suitable for ages 6-12


Linden New Art

Vendor sincce 2016

LINDEN NEW ART is a public gallery that specializes in displaying new contemporary art.

The gallery opened to the public in 1986 and is located in the seaside suburb of St Kilda. Housed in a Victorian mansion, Linden’s grand domestic building makes it a unique place to see, explore and discuss contemporary art. Our annual exhibition program features work from artists across Australia and overseas. Exhibitions change every eight weeks and are supported by a range of dynamic programs to allow for visitors to learn about, debate and question contemporary art. Opportunities to and meet artists and curators are regular features of our programs.


Linden’s grand Victorian architecture was commissioned by Moritz Michaelis in the mid 1800s. Michaelis arrived in Australia in 1853 and set up a successful business during Melbourne Gold Rush.

The architect AF Kursteiner designed the two storied mansion to be a grand family residence. It was built between 1855 and 1885. The curator of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, William Guilfoyle designed the extensive gardens that originally surrounded the property.     

The house remained in the Michaelis family for many decades and in 1957 the Michaelis family sold the house and it became a private hotel known as Linden Court.

Linden Court was operated by migrants Theodour and Alice van Veenendaal until it was sold to council. In 1983 it was purchased by the St Kilda City Council and Linden Arts Centre and Gallery were   opened in late 1986.

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