The Piccolo Club at Roastville (Age: 3-8 years old)

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If we've ever had the pleasure of having you as our guest at Roastville we hope you could see, smell and taste the love we have for fine food and even better coffee!

 We can safely say the only thing we love more than sharing these fine things with you is our families. And now we want to make your family a part of ours.

Especially the littlest ones in your family, the PICCOLOS!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, mummies and daddies, we would like to announce the birth of our new baby, The Roastville Piccolo Club.

Although the attendees will be the smallest, they will be embarking on big adventures with the Roastville family.

They will be creating ravishing rainbow baby chinos, magnificent cupcake masterpieces and horticulture creations whilst also learning about where different coffee beans originate from and creating craft pieces inspired by the culture.

But you've got to be in the club to be in the know. So why not drop by and enjoy something off our menu that we've created with love while we entertain and enjoy the company of your piccolos that you created with love.

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What you will learn
  • Learn about different cultures through craft activities
  • How to colour your babychinos
  • How to grow and nature herbs
What you will get
  • Enjoy an overall fun crafting experience
  • A positive learning environment and great experience
  • Handcrafted creations inspired by the different cultures
  • Pot of herb(s)
  • Light snacks and Ravishing Babychinos

What to bring
  • Just your enthusiasm!
What to wear


Appropriate for

Age 3-8 years old


Roastville Coffee

Vendor since 2017

Roastville, like the name suggests is an intimate oasis for individuals and families to find base from the swift pace of the city life. With 25 years of experience of owning restaurants and cafes, George built Roastville as a visual library to showcase his combined love and passion for food, coffee and design. Situated in the heart of Marrickville, Roastville embraces a home to different stories and experiences felt by each coffee and dish served to the diverse individuals who continue to indulge in the similar desire and craving we hold that drives us to deliver at our best.

The aromatic scent of the café emulates a distant flavour of locally produced coffee beans to mirror the current season of the beautiful Australian weather and to cater to each individual’s unique taste in flavours and hunger for coffee.Our passion for food doesn’t go unnoticed with our delectable breakfast and lunch menus that boast unique flavours inspired by an array of dishes around the world. Roastville, unlike any normal café, is a multi-facet business also specialising in wholesale coffee and retail coffee to allow our customers to take and enjoy an appetising beverage at the comfort of their own surroundings.

In addition to our passion for serving delicious blends, in order to share and enrich the individuals who hold the similar desire we have for coffee, we hope to deliver a future barista school to train and support people at all different levels, from beginners to experienced individuals who strive to master their craft.

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Refund & Cancellation Policy

Roastville Coffee requires 48 hours notice via email prior to the start of a class or event for a full refund or transfer.  Refunds and transfers will not be processed if cancellation occurs within 48 hours of the event commencing. We do not offer refunds for missed classes. There are no fees for refunds or transfers. For cancellations prior to the 48 hour cut off, email Roastville Coffee to organise a refund or transfer

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Terms & Conditions

Anyone partaking in any classes or coming to any events at Roastville Coffee or organised by Roastville Coffee must agree to these terms and conditions.


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Roastville Coffee requires 48 hours notice in writing prior to the class for a full refund or transfer. 


In the event that a class is cancelled, students will be notified via text message or email and entitled to a full refund or credit.

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