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RSPCA interactive and online these holidays!

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RSPCA Victoria’s online School Holiday Program is back and better than ever!

We’re inviting families into our Education barn for DAILY virtual Zoom encounters with our friendly farm animals and playful pets. Think horses, cows, sheep, goats, chickens, dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs!

And you won’t just be watching. Participants will be able to engage with our animal experts in real-time by asking questions via the Zoom chat feature.

Book in to enjoy these daily offerings of LIVE animal fun that will keep your child entertained during the school holiday break. Plus we will send some exciting animal activities and videos for you to explore during your down time.

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What you will learn
  • Find out about the rescue stories of RSPCA education animals
  • Go behind the scenes into a typical day at our working Barn
  • Discover how the RSPCA helps animals and people in our community
What you will get
  • Daily 45 minute classes featuring fun encounters with our friendly barn animals and their expert carers
  • Exciting animal-themed activities and video content sent to your email inbox

What to bring
  • An active Zoom account, an internet connection and a device (phone, computer, tablet, iPad etc).
What to wear

N/a. This is an online experience!

Appropriate for

Children aged 5-13yrs.


RSPCA Victoria

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Want to improve your animal skills? Looking for quality teaching by industry experts? Want real skills and training?

Whether you’re a pet owner or thinking of a career in animal care, RSPCA Victoria has a short course to extend your animal skills and understanding.

Designed to develop new skills for anyone dealing with animals; RSPCA short courses provide valuable access to industry experts and utilise quality resources and trainers in an informative and hands-on environment.

As the trusted name in animal welfare in Victoria, we understand what animals need, and what works and what doesn’t – and are keen to share our practical knowledge and skills with you through.


Gain professional skills. Learn about your pet. Or both!

Programs are tailored for those wanting to enter the animal industry or improve their skills within this field, as well as helping people to increase their skills with their own pets.

Hands-on experience is essential to understanding animals so you will have the chance to meet and work with – animals from our education team – as well as learn from industry experts and qualified trainers.

And of course, profits raised go towards supporting animal welfare projects. You’re helping animals while you learn to… help animals!

So book your course with us today.


About RSPCA Victoria

We are a non-government, community based charity that works to prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection. RSPCA Victoria was established in Melbourne in 1871. Since this time, the RSPCA has become Australia's leading animal welfare charity.

Our community services include work in education, advocacy, animal care and protection. In Victoria, we operate nine animal Adoption Care Centres and one community pet care centre, providing refuge and care to more than 20,000 animals every year. 

 As a not-for-profit organisation, we rely on community support to care for 'all creatures great and small'.  More than 90% of our funding is due to the generous support of the Victorian community.

For further information, visit 

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Refund Policy

The following booking conditions apply:

  • If the Booking is cancelled more than 30 days prior to the date of delivery of the session/workshop, the full fee will be refunded;
  • If the Booking is cancelled 14 -30 days prior to the date of delivery of the session/workshop, 50% of the full fee will be refunded; and
  • If the Booking is cancelled less than 14 days prior to the date of delivery of the session/workshop, there will be no refund.

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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • Participants must be 16 years or older (excluding Animal Career Discovery Day where this is 'Year 9 or above').
  • Program activities are conducted by RSPCA Victoria Education Officers and staff. RSPCA Victoria reserves the right to alter activities or cease programs should staff and participant safety be compromised.
  • Cancellation fees apply.
  • For safety reasons, participants must wear appropriate clothing and closed-in shoes. 
  • RSPCA Victoria reserves the right to cancel the class should minimum numbers not be met.  A full refund will apply in these circumstances. 


Participants will be involved in a range of hands-on activities visiting various parts of the Burwood East site. While the RSPCA takes all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of participants, all participants enter at own risk.

By enrolling in these programs you acknowledge that you understand this disclaimer and release RSPCA (Victoria) and its employees, agents, volunteers and contractors from any liability whatsoever, to the extent permitted by law.

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22 January 2021 • RSPCA Holiday Program

It’s was a fantastic and super fun experience. I got to learn so much about all the animals including rabbits guinea pigs dogs cats and even horses and goats. Everything that you need to know is included and the adults are super kind and they answer all your questions and help you learn about any thing you want. They also do fun activities with the animals there that you get to observe and also be involved in and you get to learn to learn how to make enrichment toys for pets that you can easily make at home and they are very good for your pets as well. It was a great experience because I got to learn how to be a responsible pet owner and I also learnt some things that I would be able to tell other people so that they can help there pets too. I also got to see lots of animals and I could observe their personalities and characteristics which was very helpful and interesting to learn about. Overall it was an amazing experience that I learnt so so much from and I would definitely love to come back next time it is on because it was very educational but also incorporated all the important information and that made it very informative and very enjoyable too! Thank you RSPCA for providing this great opportunity!


22 January 2021 • RSPCA Holiday Program

The RSPCA online holiday programs were such fun! I loved how we got to meet different animals on different days and we stuck to the one topic. It was great how when making enrichment toys for our pets they included everyone’s animals not just one animal. It was great fun learning about how RSPCA works and how they look after all animals, they are such kind people and they would include everyone in conversations on the zooms. I now know a lot more facts about animals and amazingly the learning also a fun part!


15 January 2021 • RSPCA Holiday Program

i really enjoyed being able to see the interesting people and all the animals i miss being able to come to the barn thank you so so so much i am excited for next week

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