What if you could speak to a professional Artist and have regular guidance on developing yourself as an artist?

These one on one skype sessions are for aspiring Artists. They will help you develop and build a focus that’s personalized to where you want to take your Art and an accountability to get there.

Sara has 30 years of invaluable experience in maintaining and developing her Art, style, and mindset. She will generously guide and support you on your own creative journey, to get to where you want to be! 

It’s advised to have regular weekly or monthly sessions, for a period of time, to establish the consistent accountability that this level of growth requires.

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Class Schedule

Duration: 1 hour Skype session.

What you will learn
  • How to harness the power of the mind for immovable Creative Mojo.
  • How to develop your own style and/or continued development.
  • How to make time for more art-making.
What you will get
  • A Clear focus on your unique pathway.
  • Inspired and energised Creative Mojo.
  • An incredible Accountability coach.

What to bring
  • Enthusiasm.
What to wear

Casual. Pyjamas welcome!

Appropriate for

This class is for individuals who want to develop their artistic self.


Sara Catena

Vendor since 2017

Brought up on a diet of traditional handcrafts in a small country town in NZ, with parents of post war values: resourcefulness, a ‘waste not, want not’ attitude and a sense of caring for land and community, at an early age Sara found purpose in making and refashioning things with needle, thread, textile scraps, fibre and later, paint. This is a world she’s at once familiar with and loves to push the boundaries of, creating new and meaningful forms.

Her art practice has always been about holding a pure and naïve view whilst delving deeply into her connection with the world. It is a witness to her constant question: “can I maintain this joyful childlike curiosity and connection to the source of life whilst fully experiencing all of its wayward colours? A radical type of Joy…

Her personal experience of moving to a new country, the inevitable displacement and her spiritual search for a sense of ‘home’ and belonging, have, in the last few years lead her to contemplate and experiment with the notion of ‘nest’ as an expressive idea. The nest concept crystallised when visiting her sister in the Daintree where she was inspired by the nest of the Yellow-bellied Sunbird. Sunbirds gather strips of bark and fibre to create tear-drop shaped nests that seem to hang poetically in mid-air. These elaborate and highly decorated nests are mostly constructed by the female, who works and weaves tirelessly to perfect her home. During morning park walks, back in Melbourne, Sara collects leftover fragments from picnics, birthday parties and school events – such as balloons, tennis ball fibre, pipe cleaners, ribbons, and even sushi fish! She finds it deeply satisfying to repurpose found objects, in this fast-paced consumer oriented world, into beautiful and symbolic works of art. She adds lovebirds created from fused plastic shopping bags, attached with hanging cords adorned with hand-made beads or rusty bobbins. Each nest is individually created with colour and infused love and joy.

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