Intermediate students: 9 to 3 both days

Beginners: 9:30 to 3:30 both days

Beginners:  Step into the world of molten glass and learn how to create one-off glass coloured beads. In this 2-day class, you will learn to melt and shape glass on a dual fuel torch, do mandrel preparation, understand equipment, pull stringers and decorate glass beads with dot decoration, flowers and gravity beads to name a few styles.  On the last day you will have some time to make extra beads or be shown how to make a heart or other favourite piece.  (You should make 25-30 beads over the course of the 2 days)

The class is a structured balance between demonstrations and students practicing techniques on a burner. You will feel confident to set up at home/your studio after this two day class. We will troubleshoot common mistakes and overcome difficulties.

Intermediate: We will look at shape (tips for providing a good base bead) and surface decoration. First we will work pulling silvered ivory stringers and apply stringers in multi layers to the bead with deliberation. Next we will explore surface techniques with enamels, wire, use of frits, metals and lay enamel stringers. Encased floral beads with vine cane, hollow beads and sculptural techniques are designed to increase your confidence and glass passion in this intermediate class.. We also look at disaster recovery when required and students will have time to practice techniques in class.


  • Set up of a burner
  • Preparation of the glass and mandrels 
  • How to melt glass and manipulate glass in the flame 
  • Different surface decorations 
  • WH&S issues, notes on suppliers
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Class Schedule

Duration: 6 Hours

What you will learn
  • Set up of a burner
  • Preparation of the glass and mandrels
  • How to melt glass and manipulate glass in the flame
What you will get
  • Tuition
  • Notes (soft copy )
  • Loan of all tools to complete work in class time

What to bring
  • Please note, fees for materials are to be paid to the teacher directly
  • Glass Fee: $33 for the glass used in class and Equipment fee $55. Total of $88
  • Apron to protect your clothes and wear non synthetic materials
  • Pencil and Notebook
What to wear

We request that you wear closed in shoes, have long hair tied back and wear minimal jewellery in classes for WH&S reasons. We also recommend that glasses be worn if you normally wear contact lenses. Safety glasses a provided in the studio.

Appropriate for

Beginners do not need any pre-requisite skills. Intermediate students should have familiarity with Lampworking.


Sydney Jewellery School

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Sydney Jewellery School (SJS) is Australia's leading independent contemporary jewellery facility for students wishing to learn the art of jewellery making, multi-media creative arts techniques and object 'd art creation.

The school operates from our own premises and dedicated studio space in Rosebery, an inner South/East suburb of Sydney. Housed in the Heritage Listed Leda Building our air-conditioned studio is flooded with natural light and is equipped with the latest tools and equipment.

SJS also provides space for people wishing to access bench space on a casual or daily basis.

We cater for both the beginner through to the accomplished artisan with a range of classes and techniques: Beginner classes; Class modules to build your skill level; Specialist techniques; Master classes; Visiting artists program; International teachers program.

Many of our classes and the equipment needed to participate are only available within the framework of formal University/TAFE training, SJS is proud to be able to offer short courses in these techniques to all.

Our classes are surprisingly affordable and extremely competitive. Compare for yourself.

The studio has a fully equipped kitchenette and a substantial library with a large selection of books and DVDs on Jewelry and Craft.

Our Director Menaka Cooke and Studio Manager Jae Brown and the wonderful teaching faculty at the school look forward to welcoming you to the studio and to helping you turn your creative dreams into reality.

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