Mindfulness and Meditation for Children


by The VRI


What is it? How can it help my child? Is my child too young to learn?

Have all these questions answered and more. Bring your child to a Mindfulness and Meditation Workshop run by Kendra from Embrodieia.

Kendra has been working with children of all ages for many years and has found an easy, interactive and educational way to help them understand and apply Mindfulness and meditation techniques to their day to day life.

This fun and interactive session for both child and parent, is aimed to teach the children the importance of breathing correctly, identifying stressors and triggers and learning to listen to their bodies.

This workshop will run for an hour starting at 10am and will have light refreshments after for you to ask Kendra any further questions.

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Class Schedule

One hour session

What you will learn
  • Learn how mindfulness improves wellbeing
  • Learn how meditation for your children can help
What you will get
  • A fun and interactive session
  • Bring your Child for free

What to wear


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