Write Away With Me

Write Away With Me

Melbourne, VIC

The Writer's Club: Write for Life!

What to Bring

  • A water bottle and afternoon snack (No nuts please)
  • Writing materials including grey lead pencils, sharpener, glue stick and coloured pencils/textas
  • A4 Notebook

What to Wear

  • school uniform or comfortable casual clothing

Appropriate For

  • The Writer's Club is for young writers in Grades 3 - 6

The Writer's Club: Write for Life!

About This Class

Class Schedule

  • Workshops run from 4,15 to 5.45pm. I am at the venue from 3.30pm and students are able to come anytime after that.

What You Will Learn

  • Participate in a series of weekly guided writing activities designed to fully explore the genre of personal writing.
  • Create a range of practical resources to encourage and inspire a daily writing practice.
  • To view writing as a valuable means of creative self expression and a vehicle for personal development.

What You Get

  • An opportunity to workshop ideas with like minded peers and receive feedback from mentors
  • 6 x 75 min writing workshops to explore the genre of personal writing.
  • Materials and instruction for creating practical writing resources to take home.
  • Inspiration for seeting up your writing space.


Now in its seventh year, The Writer’s Club is an after school writing program that develops both creative thinking and writing skills in a positive club like atmosphere.

The Writer's Club runs at:

Oakleigh Primary School @ 4.15 - 5.30pm on Wednesdays for children in Gr. 3 -6

The Writer's Club @ Oakleigh

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to encourage club members to explore their unique storytelling style and voice. Children have the time and space to experiment with a variety of genres and writing techniques while developing creativity and confidence.We support club members every step of way with effective strategies and tecniques to scaffold learning and enable them to experience success. Class sizes are limited to allow for lots of interaction and sharing of our work.

What Can You Expect?

At The Writer’s Club, you will:

  • Be challenged to grow and build your self confidence as a writer.
  • Exercise your creativity and imagination – they are muscles too!
  • Participate in a range of activities designed to inspire creativity and foster writing skills and self expression.
  • Meet and share your writing talent ( and ideas) with lots of new friends.
  • Develop the essential skills of creative writing in a fun and supportive environment.
  • Be engaged in the writing process from drafting to workshopping and publication
  • Have the opportunity to publish pieces of writing on our blog/website as well as entering writing competitions.

Term 1, 2017 @ The Writer's Club: Write For Life

First and foremost, writing is about communication and connection and to be a great communicator, we need a range of writing skills.I believe personal and reflective writing can play a crucial role in the development of a child’s self awareness and emotional intelligence.

‘Write For Life’ is our first six week program for 2017. This program is designed to not only explore the genre of personal writing but to encourage young writers to develop a regular writing practice at home. During our six workshops together, young writers will be guided through the process of setting up a writing space at home and creating a range of resources to support them on their writing journey. Each week, we will work on a new writing project. We will also reflect on ourselves as writers - how does it feel to be in the zone, how we get unblocked and perhaps most importantly, how can we manage our inner critic. The great thing about personal writing is that it works double time - developing our self identity whilst building a rich source of inspiration for stories and more. I’ll show our young writers how they can really put their personal writing to work! So come and join a group of inspiring young writers like yourself as we discover our inner writer!

This program includes a $6.00 Materials Levy.

 Levy Materials include:

  • a fold out book for our writing project in week 3
  • A pocket sized notebook for our week 2 writing project - A Book of Questions
  • An 44 exercise book to create a journal.
  • A small calico bag to decorate and keep your personal writing resources together.

Detailed Program Outline

A blank page is the perfect place to play with language. There is no particular task to finish or to be assessed. Journalling is a purely self directed and creative process. Over the next two weeks, we’ll explore the art of journal writing from responding to journal prompts as well as developing special categories for writing lists and inspirational quotes. We’ll doodle and draw in our journals too.

Week 1: Journalling

Reflection: Where do I like to write and what sorts of tools or conditions work for me?

Writing Focus: Journal Writing. We will focus on descriptive writing and bringing journal entries to life through engaging our senses. Haiku poetry will feature also.

Writing Project: Create a series of snapshots in words of what is going on in our lives right now.

Home Task: Try out different writing spaces and start to recognise what we like best

Week 2: Journalling

Reflection: Dreaming up our writing space at home.

Writing Focus: Explore a range of prompts for journal writing from imaginative to personal narrative.

Writing Project: Make a writing resource to support our journalling at home.

Home Task: Try your new resourceand start your journalling challenge.

Week 3: A Curious Life

Reflection: Choosing a symbol or object for our writing practice.

Writing Focus: To be a great writer, you need to observe the world closely and mindfully. Everything is interesting! Stay curious.

Writing Project: To make our own 'Book of Questions' - a place to keep our curiosity alive. We’ll have time to turn one of our questions into a more developed piece of writing.

Home Task: Continue your Book of Questions, adding categories and more.

Week 4: Questions to Ask Yourself!

Reflection: Creative Flow - What does it feel like and how we can get more of it.

Writing Focus: Imaginative writing using a series of questions that ignite the imagination and lead us to new and exciting  places in our mind.

Writing Project : Use our pieces of writing to create a fold out book titled -' The Book of Me'

Home Task: Finish your book.

Week 5: Writing Lists

Reflection: What is writer's block and what strategies can we use to get unblocked.

Writing Focus: I love writing lists. Perhaps you like writing lists too! Not only is writing the list fun, but I have found lots of ways to put my lists to work! List Poetry is a great way to focus your ideas and be creative with your lists.

Writing Project: Create a collection of lists and use these to write a poem or two!

Home Task: Create new writing list topics to share next week.

Week 6: How To Find Story Inspiration in Your Journal.

Reflection: How can I manage my inner critic?

Writing Focus: Explore a range of strategies for turning your free journal writing into more developed pieces of writing.

In our final week together, parents and friends are invited to hear us read from our term's writing collections. More infomration about this cn be found in your Club Confirmation.

Please use your child's name when making the booking as that is the name we use to print our name tags.

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