Power Yoga

What to Bring

  • Prepare to work hard and work up a sweat!
  • Your own yoga mat (if you have one)

What to Wear

  • Your favourite workout outfit

Power Yoga

About This Class

Class Schedule

  • Duration: 1 hour

What You Will Learn

  • How to practise yoga to burn calories, tone your body, relax your mind

What You Get

  • A fun and vigorous workout, leaving you with a healthy and happy mindset!


Power Yoga is a vigorous and energetic fitness based yoga style with breath flowing with the body from pose to pose in a smooth way. On top of all the usual yoga benefits for wellbeing, Power Yoga with its up tempo and brisk nature, power yoga especially promotes metabolism, enhances the immune system, eliminates toxins through sweats, improves body strength, flexibility, and stamina, alleviates stress and tension to find balance in both mind and body.

This dynamic class with many levels allows students of any experience level to be challenged in the same class. The flow will burn calories, tone your body, relax your mind.

About Caren Mok

Yoga became an essential part of Caren’s life after since she joined a Power Yoga class in 2012 and noticed the difference yoga has brought to her life. For the next 3 years Caren practised and explored different yoga styles in Australia and Singapore. In 2015, Caren was inspired unexpectedly ran into opportunity to teach a group yoga by the beach which led her to complete her yoga teacher training at the Dancing Warrior Yoga to deepen her yoga practice and discover the art of yoga teaching.

Caren studied Hatha Vinyasa Yoga and integrates the foundation into her yoga classes with each muscular/skeletal movement flows with the breath.

Caren’s classes are fused with fluid movement with breath and. They are both challenging and informative. Students are challenged to deepen their awareness of thein potential and limitations in their body and mind as they find space on the mats.

Other than the dynamic Power Yoga, Caren also teaches restorative Yin Yoga as well as the traditional Hatha Vinyasa Yoga.

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