Sustainable Basket Weaving

What to Bring

  • A couple of old plastic bags

Sustainable Basket Weaving

About This Event

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to make your own plastic yarn
  • Weave a basket using coiling techniques with raffia or rope as a core
  • Learn skills to continue practicing your new obsession at home!

What You Get

  • Raffia, rope, yarn, fabric scraps & chenille needle.


For thousands of years people have woven baskets using the natural materials available to them, like willow shoots and reedy grasses. Basket-weaving today is both a practical skill and a serious art form.

In this 3 hour workshop you’ll be taught how to make your own plastic yarn and weave a basket using coiling techniques with raffia or rope as a core. You’ll also get a bunch of various fabric scraps and other fibres to continue your new obsession at home!


Monika, one half of the Mo & Mum duo, is a Polish born Berliner, textile artist and designer who’s just moved to Melbourne.

The idea for the handcrafting duet came to life when Monika and her Mum would help each other while exploring their creativity through textile art. Monika focussed on weaving and macrame which she’s loved from day one, while her Mum went for embroidery and knitting.

“Like an artist paints a painting, we weave a weaving”. With a passion for art and design, Monika found she could express her creativity through textiles and weaving. She started teaching workshops in Berlin, just as the exciting city caught the weaving bug. Monika’s classes have been a big success, with the latest booking out in only two days!

While Monika is preparing to work on some large scale pieces, she’s looking forward to travel to various parts of Australia and spreading her love for colour and natural fibres through teaching.

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