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"Let Jac help you discover your own authentic path by empowering you to connect with your intuition."
- Paul | Meditation Solutions


"My intention was to deal with the intense self-criticism which paralysed my artistic expression. Jac created a wonderfully inclusive, safe space which allowed us to slip into a great meditative state. She took us through a process which was very liberating.  By the third week I had the breakthrough I’d hoped for. Yay!"
- Sharon


CREATIVE MEDITATIONS offers an evolving series of exercises that fuse Meditation techniques with Intuitive Drawing.  

This Practice develops presence and stillness with and within, assisting with non-judgemental flow in your creative endeavours, and in life.  
It aids in re-aligning your body, mind, heart and spirit - deepening your connection to your intuition and authentic creativity.

YOU WILL BE GUIDED and given the opportunity to;
♥      Return home to the stillness and spaciousness of you
♥      Befriend your noisy inner critic
♥      Investigate your internal landscapes & dialogues
♥      Creatively express your discoveries
♥      Deepen your connection with your intuition
♥      Explore your creations to reveal personal messages &
♥      Learn unique Meditative Practices

♥     Quiet time with yourself
♥     A meditative practice that doesn't require you to sit still
♥     A deeper connection with your Intuition & Authentic Artist
♥     Practice in BEFRIENDING your Inner Critic
♥     More flow and acceptance with your creativity and life
♥     The beginnings of a Creative journal telling YOUR unique story
♥     A plethora of unique Meditative Creative Exercises to continue
        with your practice at home.


Hi, I'm Jac Price - a Creative Expressionist and professional photographer.
I've been expressing myself creatively through art, dance, choreography, photography and clothing construction since the age of 5.  It is my medicine and way of life. I know no other way.

Along my journey of artistic discovery I have been enticed by some formal studies and picked up Associate Diplomas and Industry awards in Applied Design, Photography, Clothing Manufacture and Design, Dance and Performance.

After a meandering journey of external exploration, about 7 years ago I found myself coming back to drawing with a desire for internal investigation. This was after I started experiencing chronic pain and along with that, depression.

The drawing expression along with my deep need to find presence and peace with and within my body collided harmoniously with my interest and basic studies in meditation until they morphed and became one.

This is how my own personal practice of 'Creative Meditations' was birthed. And now it's ready to be shared with you!


"I got SO MUCH OUT OF IT... if you're considering this you won't be disappointed.
What I loved was the attention to detail in simple but powerful practices.  Both the process and the outcome were insightful for me.
I was able to slow down and connect into myself in a way that something began to speak through the drawing that was surprising and revealing... opening me to another aspect of my creativity.
Sort of like meeting up with a long lost friend."
- Stacia | The Art of Relating


"Hours of creative exploration, fun, drawing, expressing. Highly recommended. Jac helps to break down any and all self limiting ideas that "I can't draw/create/be artistic"
- Kylie | Remederi Health


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It's best you double check the dates of the workshop before booking as there are no refunds on classes.

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