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Hula Hoop Dance Technique- One Day Intensive

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Calling All Hoop Dancers!

Hoop dance can only be truly activated when you become aware of the body’s movement as the hoop spins.

Hoop Dance Technique is a next level challenge where we find the body in space and polish hoop moves with sass and flow.

This class is for you if you are an advanced-beginner or intermediate hooper who wants to develop your hoop dance and performance skills.

Starting with easy hoop tricks we focus on moving the body creatively. We then progress through a range of more challenging hoop moves that you can adapt according to your skill level. As we develop a routine throughout the class you will learn how to transform a hoop sequence into a hoop show!

This end of year intensive is the perfect class to polish your Hoop Diva boots and boost your confidence to take your Summer hooping into another dimension!

Prerequisite - Hooping for Beginners or equivalent

Limited places available. Book your spot to spin NOW!

Course Details

Sunday 10th December 2-5pm 

Investment - $150


Bunny HoopStar

With over 20 years of hooping experience, Bunny HoopStar is a firm believer in the power of creative movement and play with a hula hoop. “The Hoop as a Portal” is a framework Bunny uses to access heightened awareness of how your hoop opens up your creativity and focus. While developing hoop technique, Bunny will guide you through an effective process of finding your flow and stability in performance. 

Juliet Leith

Juliet fell in love with dancing after her first dance class at the age of 5. With extensive experience in jazz, vogue, ballet and dancehall, Juliet draws from a wide range of dance styles to create her own unique style of hoop dance. Juliet is passionate about dancing and loves teaching and encouraging others to be empowered by moving their bodies.

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What you will learn
  • Hula hoop tricks for beginner and intermediate hoopers.
  • Hooping transitions for hoop dance performance
  • Dance elements and choreographic devices to take your hooping to the next level.

What to wear

comfortable workout clothing


Dance Central Sydney

Vendor since 2014

The heart of world dance in Sydney since 2002.

Dance Central offers an extensive range of dance classes and workshops for adults and teenagers at our centrally located Sydney studio.

Styles include Hip Hop, Funk, Salsa, Bollywood, Dancehall, Belly Dance, BreakDance, Burlesque, Samba, Popping, Showgirl, Booty Dance, Tahitian Dance, Hulahoop and more.

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