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TANTRIK RAINBOW ~ Body Breathing

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Blissful Breathing
Rebirthing /breathwork also known as Spiritual Breathing or Prana Breathing
Is one of the most simple yet powerful and valuable tools for healing, energy, relaxation and ecstasy. Our classes offer tons of easy breath techniques that can be done by just about anyone, no matter the age, size or condition of the body. Even people who have never been able to breathe through their nose have healed their breathing mechanism and have enjoyed nose breathing after using these tools.

The rebirthing element comes from the observance that using these breath tools has stimulated birth and past life memories to resurface that may have been suppressed. Not just birth trauma but any blockages in the emotional and energy body can be recognized, released or better yet integrated through the gentle process of conscious blissful breathwork.

When working out or running we naturally must breathe connected and more fully to replenish the energy used in the activity. Breathwork generates this same energy for the body, however by remaining seated or laying down, this energy will naturally circulate and go to any part of your body that may be healing or where any pain, or harmful memories may be stored.

The breath energy dislodges the accumulation of stress and toxins that may be held in the body. Most people say they feel peace, and bliss like never before after getting a feel for conscious breathing. They report feeling lighter, greater clarity, spiritual connectedness, and various healing of many dis-eases. Give your self the gentle rewarding gift of Blissful Breathing, and we guarantee you will get high with the breath




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What you will learn
  • How breath influences our lives
  • What breath tools work in certain conditions
  • How to stimulate non-ordinary states of awareness with breathing
What you will get
  • Greater peace, health, relaxation, energy, and focus

What to bring
  • An Open Mind An OPen Heart
What to wear

Comfortable workout clothing

Appropriate for

Anyone is welcome


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