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Hello there, dumpling lover!  The Age/What's on summed it up best:   "Adults, teenagers, even kindergarten children - there's no one Lou Wong can't teach dumpling-making to..."

Making dumplings as a child with my mother and siblings gave me priceless memories. I teach at Melbourne's best cooking schools (see dumplingmania.com for more info). You can completely delve into making and eating dumplings because my assistant does the dishes. 

Here's why people love to make dumplings with me and why I've been invited to teach at Melbourne's best cooking schools:

@ieatmelbourne (Rob from Instagram).........I did a dumpling class with Lou...it's amazing that being away in Hong Kong & Singapore I've come across all of the different dumplings that we made...I wouldn't have appreciated the experience half as much without your wonderful knowledge Lou. If you're a dumpling lover you have to get along to one of her classes! #bucketlist  

Lou is a powerhouse of energy, information and passion!!  Loved the fun-filled & most enjoyable dumpling making workshop. Highly recommend to all foodies!!  - Sharon  

Viewing this on a smart phone? Just scroll down to view current dumpling classes hosted by me. For my tips and more classes at Melbourne's best cooking schools, visit dumplingmania.com or email me at makedumplings@gmail.com



Aug 2017
Vegan Dumpling Mania Workshop - 06 Aug 2017 11:00 AM

Lou ran an excellent workshop in a good venue. Participants had plenty of opportunity to cook and learn all the techniques to create and cook dumplings. Lou created a friendly & relaxed atmosphere. I'd recommend this workshop to anyone keen to expand their reportoire of vegan meals. Your non vegan friends will love eating these dumplings too. Thanks Lou :)

Jun 2017

Thank you Lou! I had a wonderful experience in your Dumpling Mania Masterclass. I have been practising at home and impressing my friends and family. I would recommend your classes to anyone interested in learning the art of dumpling 😀

Jun 2017
Wonton Mania - Intro to Dumplings - 04 Jun 2017 11:00 AM

Not only did I learn how to make several different types of dumplings but I had fun doing so! The class was fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone. It was a combination of hands on experiences as well as observing the teacher.

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