Effortless Swimming – Freestyle Stroke Correction Clinics

A 3-hour freestyle stroke correction clinic with underwater filming and analysis that helps swimmers and triathletes improve their technique and efficiency by using the latest stroke development techniques. Live filming and analysis means you get to work on specific aspects of your stroke with regular feedback throughout the clinic. All clinics are run by specifically trained Effortless Swimming coaches who have competed or coached at a National or International level but have experience working with all levels of swimmers.

Swimmers and triathletes wanting to become faster, more efficient and confident in their swimming. Suitable for both adults, teenagers, and swimmers 10 years or older.

What you’ll learn and cover during the clinic:

  • The fundamentals of freestyle giving you a better understanding of how the stroke works
  • Comprehensive video analysis above and below the water that you’ll receive a copy of to take home with you
  • Finding the balance between stroke rate (cadence) and stroke length (distance per stroke)
  • How to develop feel for the water and why most swimmers miss the ‘elusive’ catch
  • Stretching and flexibility for swimming and how tightness might be holding you back from achieving your best
  • How to implement your new stroke changes into daily training
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Class Schedule

Duration: 3 Hours

What you will learn
  • Finding the balance between stroke rate (cadence) and stroke length (distance per stroke)
  • The fundamentals of freestyle
  • How the stroke works
What you will get
  • Includes a copy of your underwater filming
  • A recorded video analysis
  • A fun and valuable learning experience

What to bring
  • Fins/flippers (we recommend DMC Elite fins)
  • Pull buoy
  • Warm jacket or jumper
  • Bathers
  • Goggles
  • Drink Bottle
  • Snack/Food (optional)
  • 2 pieces towels
What to wear


Appropriate for

Suitable for both adults, teenagers and swimmers 10 years or older.


Effortless Swimming

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When swimmers and triathletes want to get faster in the water it’s not often a matter of training harder. Fitness can only take a person so far in swimming. The most effective way to increase speed and endurance is by improving your technique. We take the drills, techniques and training methods used by the best swimmers around the world and make them available to athletes of all levels.

A bit about Brenton:

 - Australian National Age Finalist (400 IM, 200 Breaststroke, 200 IM)

 - National Masters Record Holder

 - Australian National Masters Coach of the Year (2012)

 - Australian Masters National Championship Coach (2009, 2012, 2013)

These methods have been used with athletes and teams who have:

 - Broken National and World Master’s records (Kelly Higgins, Jenny Bucknell, Brenton Ford plus many more)

 - Made National swim teams (Sam Ashby)

 - Competed in the Olympics in triathlon (Samantha Warriner, New Zealand)

 - Won back-to-back National Master’s titles (Powerpoints MSC)

 - Win open water races (Too many to mention!)

 - Improved efficiency and smoothness of their stroke (you don’t have to be a top level swimmer to benefit from the materials)

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