Increasing Testosterone Levels Naturally

Improve men's hormonal health.

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Insight Into How I Maxed Out My Testosterone: I share my own blood test results and how I made high Testosterone the norm.

Basic Understanding About Testosterone: An explanation about Testosterone and how it is regulated in the human body.

Learn About Testosterone’s Stronger Brother: In this section we explore Testosterone's metabolite, which is stronger than Testosterone itself.

Best Types of Fats For Testosterone: This section breaks down which dietary fats are specifically useful for optimising Testosterone.

Morning Wood Tricks: A step by step guide to bring back your morning wood.

How To Reload Erections Quicker: Explores how men can reload their erections faster, and go another round.

Key Cause of Premature Ejaculation: We analyse one major cause of premature ejaculation (amongst many) that not many guys know about.

Uncover the hallmark lifestyle strategies and advanced supplementation protocols to increase Testosterone and erectile performance.

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What you will learn

  • Basic Understanding About Testosterone
  • Learn About Testosterone’s Stronger Brother
  • Morning Wood Tricks

What you will get

  • Hallmark lifestyle strategies and advanced supplementation protocols t

What to bring

  • Your interest to learn!

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Open to everyone interested!

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Lucas Aoun, the CEO of Ergogenic Health is an aspiring Naturopath, self-proclaimed biohacker & researcher, with a passion for all things human performance and wellness. He is an ex-professional soccer player, nootropics expert, and has a background in Exercise Science. He is highly ambitious and strives to share unspoken information on various health topics that would greatly benefit mankind.

His life-long mission is to help others feel better and perform better in anything that they do.

He thrives on feedback from the people he helps. He is on a mission to provide people with the knowledge that they need to take their health into their own hands.

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