Photography day trip: Phillip Island

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Once a month, I organise a photography day trip to a great destination in Victoria. This is the occasion for us to spend more time together, speak about your photography, your goals, your skills, where you want to go, and how.

Today, we will head towards Philipp Island (situated 1h30 to 2 hours from the CBD), and make the most of this natural beauty. We will meet on the parking of Cape Woolamai State Faunal Reserve, from where we will walk to two different spots: first … ; then, the Pinnacles at sunset.

We will work first on black and white landscape photography, which is something I absolutely love (probably because it is rarer!). Then, during the second part of the shooting, at sunset, we will work on colour photography.

Highlights of the trip: Stunning coastal views, perfect for landscape photography Bonus : wildlife!

After the trip

The class doesn’t stop after you are back at home! With our private Facebook group, we will share pictures the week after the class, and you will have feedback. (The feedback can be done via email if you want some privacy, or via the group if you are happy to share with the group!)

The best students pictures will be uploaded on my website the week after, with all the credits needed (the name of the authors). You will be able to share your hard work with your family and friends!

For whom?

You are passionate by nature, you love to put your boots on and are not afraid of getting dirty, then this is the class for you! You know your camera well*, and you would like to get your photography to the next level.

* To know if it is the right class for you, the words aperture, ISO, or depth-of-field mean something to you AND you know more or less how to change them on you camera. If it doesn’t make any sense to you, please look at the beginner pack that runs regularly during the year.

What is not included

- Travel costs (you need to organise yourself to go to the meeting point) - Food and beverages - Equipment rental


8 hours, starting at 10am.

In case of (very) bad weather, the next Sunday (the 5th of June) is the replacement date. Please keep in mind that the class is non-refundable, and that you are free on that day too when booking your spot.

Group size

Small groups of 5 people maximum, to assure the quality of the class, and make sure that everyone has enough time to ask questions and complete the exercises.

Minimum of 3 participants.

Any questions?

- I don’t have a tripod!

I have a spare one that I can share with one of you. If someone has already reserved it, you can still buy one for around … $, or rent one if you don’t think you will need it anymore.

- It is raining today…

Well, depending on how bad the weather forecast is, the class could be postponed. See replacement date above.

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What you will learn
  • Take striking landscape and nature pictures
  • Boost your creativity
  • Create better travel images
What you will get
  • A better understanding on how to create powerful nature images: landscape (and if we get lucky: wildlife!)
  • A great knowledge of your camera, and how to make the most of it.
  • Two ebooks: one about landscape photography in general & one that reviews the specific questions of the day.

What to bring
  • A DSLR camera (or a mirror-less camera with manuel settings)
  • Preferably a wide-angle lens for landscapes, and a telephoto lens for wildlife.
  • An empty memory card
  • A full battery (and a spare one if you have any!)
  • A tripod
  • A head lamp
  • Your lunch, snacks and beverage
  • A positive attitude and an open mind!
What to wear

Good hiking shoes, a rainproof jacket and a warm jumper.

Appropriate for

Landscape photographers, nature lovers with a camera!


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