Vibrational Healing Techniques - Level Three

Energy healing, reduce stress and anxiety.


This is a portable, cost effective, workshop. Anyone can learn it to relieve stress, anxiety, raise your vibration of fear to freedom, or just self-discovery: The learned Techniques you apply to numerous aspects of your daily life from first aid to major stress management symptoms, as a validated effective tool. These techniques complements existing western medicine, and are safe. Or you might just want to know what else there is to life, by learning this modality you open up to a wider perspective of you!What will I Learn?

  • Learn How to Utilize Energy from the Quantum field.
  • Techniques to maintain and manage every aspect of your life to use daily.
  • Use in all aspects of - Professional/Family/Spiritual/Financial/Personal/Psychological life. 
  • Maintain emotional health and wellbeing! Reduce & Manage daily stress!
  • Non -touch vibrational techniques, are safe, quick and easy.
  • This is non-religious, used by every culture and belief system on the planet.
  • Hands on yougo home day one and can use it! Improve wellbeing.
  • Free destress and energy relief treatments. Hands on! Kinetic learning.

Level One - February 16 & 17 2019.

Foundation Vibrational Health techniques you will learn how to feel variations in energy of your body. You will learn, metaphysical anatomy and associations to physical body maintaining your health. You will learn the benefits of etheric hygiene including my 2012 innovative aspect of ROF technique of etheric hygiene.  Mastering this in USA, has been game changing, I share with you in Level 1.  By the end of the workshop you be able to use the skills with confidence to take home to your daily life to reduce your stress, and raise your vibration.

Level Two: May 4 & 5 2019 

You will revise practical aspects of level one and how you have used, and mastered them. Now we can get into the advanced techniques of colour vibrations, which are specific to each component of your body with amazing results.  This set of techniques is advanced vibrational techniques, with outcome of increasing speed and skills. It builds on the foundation techniques from Level 1: You then learn the faster effective systems with these 2 levels to raise vibration with and efficiency of techniques.

Level 3: August 3 & 4th 2019 

Here is all comes together: You build on Level 1 Learnt the Techniques: Level 2, Utilization of colour, and the associated uses.   This component you learn how to address addictions, phobias, anxiety with bonus mystery teachings. You get the “Add-ons” using Vibrational modalities.  

Day 1: is a specialty crystal workshop: Learning the effectiveness of how to: Choose/ Clean/ program/ and utilize the crystal vibrations to advanced crystal technicians. 

Day 2: With this tool added to your kit. You advance quickly to the utilization of using advanced vibrations to effectively stripe away the fear and phobias and addictions with introduction to shielding.

Level 4:  Sept 8th 2019 - TBC.

Vibrational Health in Practice. Now we are stepping into complete collaborative learning using raised vibrational health techniques to become light igniters to serve.  This is not for the faint hearted, but for practiced, students of this modality giving us most joyous reward for learning and work. Shielding, and higher teachings, new Techniques for ROF.

Level 5: October 6th or 13th 2019

1 Day: Grids and Time Loops!  Date to be confirmed

Level 6: October 27th: 1 Day: Consolidation, Sound vibration techniques and uses. 

Repeat Students Encouraged to attend for minimal cost.  You get continued learning, and free healings it that what you want.


e: aus_mscott@hotmail.com

ph. 0488 303 339

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What you will learn

  • Learn How to Utilize Energy from the Quantum field.
  • Techniques to maintain and manage every aspect of your life to use daily.
  • Use in all aspects of - Professional/Family/Spiritual/Financial/Personal/Psychological life.

What you will get

  • Two Day Workshop. Hands on. Use it on day one!
  • Free destress and energy relief treatments.
  • Hands on! Kinetic learning.
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CCBT: 39-51 Intrepid St, Berwick 3806

Look for the beauty face on side of building.

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Any age!

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5.0 (1 review)
11 August 2019Vibrational Healing Techniques - Level Three
Loved every moment of this class , the crystals are just so awesome and learning how to select and program them was so clear and then to learn all about the triple Es was very interesting too it brings it all together , can’t wait for what’s next !

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