Mama Africa Education

Mama Africa Education

South Yarra, VIC

Swahili Language for Beginners

What to Bring

  • A note pad and pencil is recommended

What to Wear

  • What you are comfortable wearing

Appropriate For

  • Everyone

Swahili Language for Beginners

About This Class

Class Schedule

  • This class will be offered every Wednesday for the month of April 2017 ,5:00 pm-6:30pm. You may pay- as- you- go

What You Will Learn

  • learn invaluable knowledge of swahili language and culture
  • learn Swahili nouns which are the most challenging in this very fine language
  • learn grammar as well as speaking

What You Get

  • Improved cognitive process
  • knowledge of a new language will make you smarter and more decisive
  • Being multilingual makes you a good multi -tasker
  • Stave off dementia and Aizheimers


This class will be taught by a swahili speaker.IIt is a 2 hour class.Learning a new language is not easy and require lots of listening and an open attitude because speaking is  mastering.No need to feel that you mispronouced or mixed up the grammer thats how we all learnt our different languages.learning is easy and fun.

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