“We plan for our financial security in retirement, but what about our happiness?Retirement is a chance to refocus on ourselves andwhat we would like to spend our time doing.”

The Transition to Retirement workshops, over two Saturday afternoons, provide you with an opportunity to reflect on, and start planning for, your retirement. In a small supportive and informative group setting in the Cottage Maitland Room, Bri Hayllara career psychologist and regular tutor with us, will guide you in:

  • Thinking about what matters to you as a person – what are your values?
  • Creating an image of what your preferred retirement looks like
  • Learning (briefly) about what science is teaching us about the essential elements for a happy and meaningful life
  • Using the science, as well as our values and vision, to create a road map of meaningful engagement to develop a ‘nest egg’ – not of money, but of the ‘stuff of life’
  • Goal setting approaches to ensure you have some strategies to move along your desired path
  • Sharing with each other ideas, opportunities and resources

Please note these workshops do not include financial advice.

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Class Schedule

Two Saturdays, 30 July & 8 August, 1-4pm

What you will learn
  • Identify your values and create an image of your preferred retirement.
  • Explore goal setting approaches to ensure you have some strategies to move along your desired path.
  • Share with each other ideas, opportunities and resources.
What you will get
  • Printed resources to take home and continue planning for their preferred retirement.
  • A small supportive group to identify your retirement road map.

What to bring
  • A notepad and pen.
Appropriate for

Those considering retirement in the next few years, or already partly retired.

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