Fermented food and drink workshop
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Gut health: Fermented Foods and Drinks workshop

Learn to make Kimchi, kombucha ,pineapple vinegar

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(Private Dates Available)
3 hours
Group Size: 8 - 12


Want to improve your gut health? Your gut health or lack there of is responsible for your immune system, your mental health, your absorption of nutrients, your sleeping patterns- so its kind of a big deal. If you are wanting to improve your gut health, fermented food is where to start.

If there is one food we all need more of, its fermented foods. Used throughout the ages to preserve foods, turns out this process of food preservation also populates the intestinal tract with healthy probiotics, essential for good health.
It’s time to learn the art of fermentation. This one skill can help you to create simple foods that can help you live a better life. Your gut health is everything!! Its your immune system, your mental health, your bodies ability to regulate weight…its literally everything.

And its so cheap to make, once you get fermentation you can create so much food for so little.

We have a fermentation class to teach you all the skills. Its 3 hours you get to make kimchi and pineapple vinegar as well learning all the science and tricks around creating fermented foods. Sarah, is an amazing Chef that will guide the class, interested in learning more… We’ll show you how to create a variety of fermented foods, from sauerkraut to kimchi, and how to store them for maximum flavor and nutrition.


Then in the last part of the class, Rose, who incidentally makes the best Kombucha in the world, is going to teach you to make the best kombucha


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What you will learn

  • Learn to confidently make fermented food and drinks in their own home

What you will get

  • A booklet with recipes, light lunch of some ferments with sourdough, access to our exclusive Facebook group

What to bring

  • No

What to wear

Casual clothing

Appropriate for

Beginners to intermediate

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