Your Growing Child

Music, Play & Handwriting for Children's growth

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3 Health seminars will be held throughout each day of the Peninsula Health & Wellbeing Festival, providing a range of inspiring and informative speakers who’ll be sharing their expertise in different areas of Family Health. 

This seminar is $10 and will be filled with valuable information for expecting parents

Julie Murray, Founder of Sounds Like This for Kids - with a Bachelor of Music from the Melba Conservatorium, Julie has been a private music educator since 2003 and have since studied Kodaly based music programs specifically for young children and early learning. Julie is also an accredited First Steps in Music Teacher through the acclaimed Feierabend Association for Music Education. Julie has a passion for teaching young people music, as well as providing parents and families with the tools to bring music into their homes. Julie believes YOU are your child's best teacher and childhood should be magical and this is what she'll be bringing to her presentation at the Festival. 

Andrea Scarfe, Founder of Handwriting Analysed - Andrea is a Graphologist, which means she examines handwriting to reveal the essence of person’s character. You may not realise, but every time you put pen to paper your feelings, aspirations and hidden potential are all there on the page. As a graduate and member of the British Institute of Graphologists, Andrea is qualified to evaluate writing to help people understand themselves and each other for all areas of life.

Children’s writing is particularly interesting, and tells the story of how they are dealing with life in the present moment. It also shows how they are developing socially and intellectually. During her presentation, Andrea will explain how graphology works, and how this valuable source of non-verbal expression reveals how your children are responding to their environment, and what you can do to help them thrive.


Jo Harris, Founder of Jo Harris Play Therapy - Jo is a qualified Play Therapist with extensive experience as a Preschool teacher for over 20 years. Holding a Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies, she has lived and worked in the U.K. and Belgium. Jo's passion is to assist children and their families to support them in understanding the links between brain and neural development and social and emotional health and wellbeing through safe and gentle processes with no medication required. 

Have you ever heard the old adage that if you 'go to sleep with a problem, when you wake up there will be an answer'? Jo will discuss how play and creativity allow us to explore our inner world to make sense of our outer world; much like the way our subconscious unscrambles life events which are played out in our dreams. 

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What you will learn
  • The benefits of music for brain development - YOU are your child's best teacher and childhood should be magical
  • How your child's handwriting can provide insights into their personality, to best assist in their learning and development
  • How play and creativity allow us to explore our inner world to make sense of our outer world
What you will get
  • 3 incredible guest presenters to help you through your parenting journey

What to wear


Appropriate for

parents, mums, dads, families, early childhood carers


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