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Sketchbook Meetup (Free!)

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Do you ever want to know what's inside people's sketchbooks, especially the work they don't post online? Or maybe you'd like to meet some new arty friends?

Grab your sketchbook and bring a friend along to the Open Sketchbook Meetup! You'll be able to check out what your fellow creatives are working on that they may not be posting online, meet some new art lovin' peeps and nom on some brunch snacks & coffee whilst you're at it.

The event is free, but a small donation will go a long way in funding this meetup and future ones to come!

Hope to see you there :)

This meetup is hosted by Vanessa from Creator's Handbook. If you have any queries about the event or would like to be involved, please email Vanessa at hello@creatorshandbook.co

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What you will learn
  • How nice it is to meet new people and look at art.
What you will get
  • A few hours of friendly chat, sneak peaks of art and possibly a new friend!

What to bring
  • Just bring you and a sketchbook or 2.
What to wear


Appropriate for

Anyone who likes art and meeting new people :)


Creator's Handbook

Vendor since 2017

Creators Handbook is about being part of a community that appreciates and supports the freelancing artist. It’s about learning new art skills and techniques, and doing so at your own pace. Whether you’re a student, a mother, a business owner (or all 3!), this is the place to sit down with a cup of coffee or a sketchbook, and let the creativity flow.

Vanessa Vanderhaven is a self-taught freelance illustrator and designer based in Melbourne. As the founder and captain of the mothership, her number 1 priority is to deliver on her promise of high quality lessons, helpful articles and support for each and every member.

If you have an enquiry or would just like to say hello, please shoot through an email to hello@creatorshandbook.co. Or if you’d like to learn more about Vanessa, you can visit her website www.vanessavanderhaven.com.

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Cancellation & Refund Policy

Ticket refunds can be made up until 1 week before the course begins.

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18 January 2019 • Sketchbook Meetup (Free!)

In a room where I felt like i was surrounded by people more talented than me, I felt welcome. In a group where everyone had incredible skills in illustration, I felt inspired. And at a table of likeminded creatives just trying to bravely show their art, I felt included. Thank you so much for organising this meet up, I cannot wait for the next one.

Sheng Yi

15 January 2019 • Sketchbook Meetup (Free!)

A fun little gathering of friendly creatives. Being a freelancer it's refreshing being able to connect with other talented designers in a casual environment, while flipping through everyone's amazing sketchbooks and portfolios. Definitely inspiring me to draw more often. Looking forward to the next one!