Art & Mindfulness (4 Week Class)

Art & Mindfulness (4 Week Class)

Get 'In the moment' using art. First class FREE

Live via Zoom


In these classes we'll use everyday objects as inspiration for the creative art-making process and mindfulness - ‘being in the present, with intention, and without judgement’. The activities are process-focused providing an opportunity to experience the creative self, without the expectations of producing a finished piece. Each week we'll explore different objects and techniques to quiet the mind, focus on the body and bring us into the moment.

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What you will learn

  • Learn to use your natural creativity for your mental wellbeing
  • Experience brief guided relaxations focusing on the body and breath

What you will get

  • 4 x 1 hour weekly classes
  • Mindfulness, non-judgemental focus

What to bring

  • BYO materials - you'll need watercolour paints and brushes, 2B graphite pencil, colour pencils and cartridge paper.
  • Don't have materials? - order your materials pack delivered for $40 extra (Vic only)
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What to wear

Comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting stains on!

Appropriate for

These sessions are for anyone who wants to maintain and develop their mental wellbeing through creativity.

Want to attend just one class?

See my listing for individual 'Art & mindfulness classes' that you attend casually

Vivid Art Therapy

(6 Reviews)

Savour, reflect and get creative with Vivid Art Therapy.  Vivid’s art workshops and classes combine creative processes with techniques in meditation, mindfulness and wellness for a different way to find inner calm and clarity.

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5.0 (1 review)
Alirated it
24 Nov 2021
Doing this course made it easier for me to get up on a Friday morning. I loved exploring watercolour paints and experimenting with techniques and different objects each week. These classes were very helpful in moving me from approaching it with judgement to receiving joy in the art and the process. Thank you!
Vivid Art Therapy 25 Nov 2021

Great to hear you enjoyed the classes Ali.  So glad they helped to motivate you, and I hope you are feeling encouraged to explore art for yourself now. Keep creating!

Cancellations & Refunds

- Refund and transfer requests. Refunds, transfers or credit will not be processed if you cancel within 48 hours of the class or event commencing. To request a refund or transfer, Vivid Art Therapy requires at least 48 hours notice via email prior to the start of a class or event. Please email to organise.

- Partial refunds. Vivid Art Therapy has the right to issue a partial refund, (i.e., A % of the total order) and to retain any booking and processing fees associated with the order.

- Missed classes. Vivid Art Therapy does not offer refunds, transfers, or makeup sessions for missed classes. If you can't make a class, you can arrange with Vivid Art Therapy to send someone else in your place.

- Cancelled class/event. In the event that a class is cancelled by Vivid Art Therapy, students will be notified via text message or email and entitled to a full refund, transfer or credit.

Terms & Conditions

Anyone partaking in any classes or coming to any events at Vivid Art Therapy or organised by Vivid Art Therapy must agree to these terms and conditions.


I agree to take on full responsibility for any damages, injuries and for physical and/or personal property, which I might incur whilst participating in classes and/or events organised by Vivid Art Therapy


I agree to give Vivid Art Therapy unrestricted publishing rights for any photographs or videos taken at Vivid Art Therapy  classes and events or on Vivid Art Therapy premises. (For use of Vivid Art Therapy marketing materials).


Vivid Art Therapy requires 48 hours notice in writing prior to the class commencing for a refund, transfer or credit.


In the event that a class is cancelled by Vivid Art Therapy, students will be notified via text message or email and entitled to a full refund, transfer or credit.

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