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Let's be honest; there are two types of self-carers.
Those who are killing it in the gym, managing a balanced diet while keeping their email inbox at 0. Then, there are those who are keen colouring-inners and Netflix bingers.

Thankfully, Bullet Journaling allows you to look after yourself by doing both!

In this class, we will focus on how to use bullet journaling in a practical way that suits you and the demands and whims of your everyday life. The bullet journaling organising system and framework helps you to remain focused and mindful of your current commitments, while allowing for flexibility, customisability and creativity as you go about your daily routine.

By having conversations about the current busyness of our schedules, processes for productivity and what is essential to our lives, our classes adopt a practical approach to ensure that your journal effectively works for you (rather than becoming overwhelmed with the pressure of making it look Instagram-worthy).


After identifying what is actually valuable for us to be writing down, we will start with learning how to structure your journal to manage all your life admin in a quick and tidy way. Then, we’ll look at how you can use your journal as a tool for self-care by including pages to track your moods, daily habits plus all of your creative and curious pursuits.

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What you will learn
  • The basics of the BuJo organising system, including identifying what actually needs to be done vs. what is overwhelming distraction.
  • How to adapt the Bujo framework to meet your needs
  • How to adopt a creative approach to bullet journaling, including methods of tracking your moods, goals and budget.
What you will get
  • An opportunity to talk about the current state of our day-to-day lives, what is actually important to us and how we can structure our lives to be doing the things we love most with like-minded people.
  • A demo bullet journal for you to take home.
  • A range of resources and ideas to inspire you to incorporate your creative endeavours into your journal.

What to bring
  • A blank notebook that you're excited to be writing in to be used as your journal. Notebooks that are a size that you're willing to carry around are preferable.
What to wear


Appropriate for

Everyone who wants to learn Bullet Journaling


Word Hunter Story Gatherer

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Word Hunter Story Gatherer is all about having conversations that explore the messiness of our lives and learning effective solutions together. We do this by coming together to participate in Bullet Journal and community workshops. Jordi, the founder of Word Hunter Story Gatherer, is an avid researcher and workshop facilitator. With an academic background in arts and commerce and years of experience with running camps and programs for young people, at the heart of it Jordi is passionate about sharing spaces with people that encourage self-expression and acknowledgement.

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08 March 2018 • Bullet Journaling + Self Care

Relaxed setting and a great group. Jordi took us through bullet journaling and truly opened my eyes. Not just for organisation and work, we learned that our own wellbeing can be included beautifully. We left inspired and in awe of Jordi's own journals. Thanks Jordi! Inspirational!


07 March 2018 • Bullet Journaling + Self Care

The class gave me a lot to think about - well prepared and friendly.


07 March 2018 • Bullet Journaling + Self Care

I absolutely loved Jordi's class. She made learning about journaling so easy and fun. It's so clear how passionate and experienced she is in what she does. I am so excited to put everything I've learnt into practice to get the most out of life! I so so recommend this course, it's a game changer!!