This workshop teaches you how to paint and express yourself through art on an emotional, subconscious and abstract/symbolic level. Expressing yourself creatively through art helps you to release and explore your inner self.

Many of us work long hours without being able to express ourselves and we build up a lot of emotions and stress.

This workshop helps you to discharge and express all the overflowing energy. It’s a way to let go of inner blockages, freeing and balancing your mind. A new step into a new direction.

I will share with everyone the techniques I use to create and express myself in acrylic colours on canvas with the intention to inspire and guide.

This workshop is suitable for everyone, experienced or not experienced.

“Learn to express your inner landscape and find peace within“

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Class Schedule

Duration: 4 Hours

What you will learn
  • How to paint and express yourself
  • Emotional, subconscious and abstract/symbolic level
  • Release and explore your inner self
What you will get
  • Material (Acrylic Colours, tools)
  • Canvas to take home after class.
  • Canvas papers
  • A powerful creativity boost

What to bring
  • Just your interest to learn!
  • optional BYO Wine
What to wear

Clothes for painting

Appropriate for

This workshop is suitable for everyone, experienced or not experienced



Vendor since 2017

I am Nina a Bondi based artist with Scandinavian origins.

I have been painting and creating since childhood.

In 2004 I moved to Florence,Italy to study Fashion Design.

I had my first art exhibition in April 2006 at “Gia cosa”- Roberto Cavalli cafe in Florence where I was also doing my first “live-painting” show.

After graduation I began to paint in the art studio of the well known Italian artist Alfio Rapisardi. He was a guide and a mentor. He helped me to develop and express my own personal style. I spent a total of 7 years in Florence, with many art exhibitions, one of them at the famous Museo Bellini Art gallery.

 I arrived in Sydney, in the beginning of 2012.  In 2015 I graduated with a Diploma in Graphic Design. Based in Bondi I'm working  as an Artist and Illustrator.I’m also working as a Graphic designer for Farage in the City.  I’ve had a number of exhibitions and participated in several art events doing “Live painting” in Sydney. 

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