Mandala Painting Workshop

What to Bring

  • Bring different images that reflect your intentions for your new year and the new you! Images that show different aspect of the dreams you have for yourself and your life in 2017.
  • NOTE: The images are best quite large, fairly simple in detail and in colour. Please bring them as paper and not in a tablet, IPad or phone.
  • We will have a short break for lunch, so in light of sticking to the schedule we recommend that you bring lunch with you, there is a kitchen & lunch room on sight!

What to Wear

  • Casual

Appropriate For

  • For anyone who is seeking a relaxing creative experience, and refuge from the heat!

Mandala Painting Workshop

About This Class

What You Get

  • All art materials
  • Your round ‘2017 Mandala’ Canvas
  • Morning Tea & Afternoon Tea


Join us for a full day workshop and paint you’re own unique mandala!

Artist Marieke to show you how to explore the relationship between imagination and your creative expression through the journey of making your own mandala that will reflect your intentions and dreams for the new year and the new you!

Here painting techniques are secondary as we learn to turn our gaze inwards through specific imagery exercises as a way to see the true imagination at play rather than approaching creativity from the mind’s intellectual perception. Therefore allowing us to by pass the rational mind to access and bring through our creativity from it’s truer source in a way that is joyful and natural.


  • Understand true imagination & the body cantered way to paint
  • Interact with your dreaming self for inspiration and imagery
  • Imagery exercises to open into your creativity
  • ‘Dream Into Being’ advanced painting techniques
  • The 3 dimensional effect / colour blending & shading – The ‘how to’
  • Working with colour and the language of images


Marieke is a self taught full time artist who paints from imagination. Her vibrant three dimensional imagery is mostly commissioned.

When not in the studio Marieke facilitates Creative Retreats with the Dream Into Being approach and works with creativity, imagery and dreaming to assist women in re-connecting to their creative source through Dream Birth facilitation.

Marieke works with clients throughout Australia and exhibits her original art collections yearly.

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