Boozy Board Art (Brisbane)

What to Bring

  • Yourself !
  • Got some ideas sketched up? Bring them along too 😉

Boozy Board Art (Brisbane)

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • Design and paint your own personalised skateboard deck with wine in hand
  • Learn practical, hands-on skills such as sanding, priming and painting
  • Decorate your board using a range of art materials supplied by Ironlak

What You Get

  • A blank skate deck thanks to Street Machine
  • All art materials provided, including spray paint, acrylic paint and markers from Ironlak
  • Salubrious wine from Vinomofo


Join Melbourne artist/designer, Luke Day, along with the team from Decks For Change, for this creative workshop where you’ll get to design and paint your own personalised skateboard deck with wine in hand.

We’ll kick things off with a brainstorming and drawing session to get the creative ideas flowing, before moving on to practical, hands-on skills such as sanding, priming, painting and finishing off your design.

We’ll hook you up with a skate deck, a range of Ironlak art materials, all you need to bring is your ideas! The legends from Vinomofo have even thrown in some social lubricants to get the creative juices flowing, so even if you haven’t picked up a paintbrush since kindergarten you’re guaranteed to create an absolute masterpiece, all the while supporting a darn good cause! All profits from this workshop will go directly toward building skate parks in underdeveloped countries.


Decks for Change combines art and skateboarding to highlight important issues and raise money for skateparks and skate schools in developing countries. This year they are continuing to raise money for Annapurna Skatepark in Pokhara Nepal, in collaboration with Make Life Skate Life. In a country that is still recovering from devastating natural disaster, amongst severe poverty and political instability, this skatepark has allowed the youth of Pokhara to be involved in their communities development. Skateboarding in Pokhara brings together people from all social classes & backgrounds, to encourage each-other, overcome challenges and most importantly, share the stoke that is skateboarding ! With your support, they can continue to create and support skateboarding in developing countries such as Nepal, which enriches the community in a way nothing else can. It teaches perseverance and self confidence, and connects people of all ages, sexes and backgrounds.



Luke Day is a freelance designer / illustrator based in South-East Queensland, Australia. In between chasing waves and the occasional kick flip, Day is owning the balance between a strong style and a high degree of flexibility. His work is a playful combination of carefully hand-crafted typography and minimalist illustration. Day has worked with brands across the globe, including Element Skateboards, Belief NYC and The Quiet Life.

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Aug 2017
Boozy Board Art (Brisbane) - 04 Aug 2017 6:30 PM

This class was heaps of fun. A relaxed, and friendly environment for people to paint a skateboard, express themselves. A great cause to help support less fortunate communities to enjoy what skateboarding brings to so many.