UnEarthed - Sand Casting Jewellery Class

Learn to cast silver jewellery with Kirra-Lea

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Make your own Delft clay sand cast jewellery!

Kirra-lea jewellery teaches you how to use sand delft clay to cast in place rough Australian sapphires in this one day class.

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What to expect: 

  • All tools, equipment and materials will be provided.

  • You will take home an UnEarthed piece with rough sapphires 

  • Snacks, tea and coffee

  • Written instructions so you can make your piece easier

  • The satisfaction of completing one or more pieces from scratch in one class.


All tools, equipment and materials (including a sterling silver piece weighing up to 30 grams and rough Australian sapphires) are provided. Written instructions, snacks, tea and coffee are included in your workshop fee. This class is limited to six students.

In this one day short course, you will learn how to create a clay mould, place sapphires correctly inside the mould and cast them in place with sterling silver. You have the option to clean up your cast pieces, finishing them off ready to wear home. Or spend the day casting, taking your unfinished pieces home to clean up. We work with sterling silver in this class; up to 30g is included in the fee. This should allow you to make up to three pieces. If you would like to spend the whole workshop casting you have the option of buying more sterling silver (charged at cost price per gram) or bring your own gold or silver. Maybe you have some old jewellery you don’t wear anymore? We can melt it down and cast it into a new pieces of jewellery!

Sand casting can be used to replicate almost any hard object and turn it into precious jewellery. Many objects found in nature can be appropriate like shells, coral, sticks, gum nuts, acorns. But you can also use a variety of metal objects like existing pieces of jewellery, keys, spoons, and so much more. You can bring along an assortment of objects you would like to cast in silver. (Not all objects are appropriate to make a sand mould of so bring a few options.) You can also choose from the many objects already available in the studio. 

The rough sapphires supplied for this class are from a mine in Queensland. The rough comes in a varity of colours, shapes and sizes. Something for everyone! You are more than welcome to bring along your own stones to cast in place. Faceted or cabochon stones can be fun to experiment with! But the only stones that are hard enough to be cast in place are diamonds, sapphires, rubies, zircons, spinels and hematite. All other stones will be too fragile and will shatter.   

Duration: 7 hours over one class

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What you will learn
  • How to create a clay mould
  • How place sapphires correctly inside the mould and cast them in place with sterling silver
  • How to clean up your cast pieces, finishing them off ready to wear home
What you will get
  • Any jewellery you make in the class is yours to bring home!

What to wear

Long pants, closed in shoes - and don’t wear white, it will get dirty!

Appropriate for

No previous experience is necessary! This class is suitable for anyone.


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