5 Day Master Barista Course

Next Available: Mon, 28 May 9:00AM
7.5 hours


Please go to our website for an in-depth breakdown of each day for course content.

Included: Certificate of completion, course notes, 

Pre-requisites: none

Duration: 5 days (Monday to Friday)

Class size: 5 students - We like to keep our class sizes small!

For more information, please visit: http://www.espressoschool.com.au/master-barista-course

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Class Schedule

This course is five days in duration and commences at 9 am on Monday

What you will learn
  • Refer to http://espresso.school/master-barista-course
  • Refer to http://espresso.school/master-barista-course
  • Refer to http://espresso.school/master-barista-course
What you will get
  • Certificate of completion
  • Course notes

What to wear

Casual, comfortable closed toe shoes


The Espresso School

Vendor since 2013

Website: www.espressoschool.com.au

We are a specialty coffee training school located in Melbourne, Australia and have coffee classes suited to home enthusiasts through to aspiring baristas and business owners. 

In our barista courses, you will learn the latest coffee making techniques that are being utilised in the modern day cafe. 

Our barista training facilities are fully equipped with the latest equipment and machinery to ensure a quality training environment.

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Cancelation & Refund Policy

Please see section 2.0 and 3.0 of our terms and conditions

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Terms & Conditions


The following policy relates to the extremely rare case that we do not have sufficient student numbers to run a course. Please note this is extremely rare and has only been invoked three times in the last 5 years.

1.1 Sometimes we (The Espresso School) are unable to run advertised barista courses due to unusually low enrolment numbers. We will advise you the day before and/or on the day of any such cancellation of a barista course via telephone and/or email. You may reschedule to another course date or simply be refunded in full.

1.2 Late comers who are more than 20 minutes late will be denied entry to the class as it is impossible to catch you up on the information presented. Students will be treated as absentees and required to reschedule as per section 4.0 of this document.

Extreme weather policy

1.3.0 If the maximum temperature for the day is expected to be 35 degrees Celsius or more by the Bureau of Meteorology, afternoon (Level 2 and Level 3) classes may be deferred to the next scheduled session. 

Whilst we do have air-conditioning inside, the combined heat load from outside and the heat generated internally from 5 commercial espresso machines and a commercial dishwasher can still make conditions very warm inside. 

Morning classes (Level 1) will be unaffected and run as scheduled. Students will be notified via email of any such deferment via WeTeachMe. 

1.3.1 Students may elect to opt out of an afternoon class at no penalty to another date due to extreme heat. Section 3.0 of this document does not apply. 


Due to the small numbers of students per course:

2.1.0 You can cancel this order within 24 hours after we have received it - no questions asked. All cancellation requests must be emailed to us via our contact page located at http://www.espressoschool.com.au/contact and quote your order/reference number.

2.1.1 If a refund is approved, the refund shall be returned to you via the method used to process the original transaction.

2.1.2 Any refunds via WeTeachMe will be less any transaction fees incurred by the vendor (The Espresso School).

2.2.0 No refunds for barista courses will be allowed within five (5) days or 120 hours of the scheduled start time of the barista course or event. This clause does not affect clause 2.1.0. 

2.2.1 If you have chosen to complete multiple barista courses, once your first barista course has begun, no refunds will be issued. There is no time limit in which your remaining levels must be completed. We remain committed to delivering the courses you have enrolled in. 


Please ensure you are available on the day and time you have enrolled in.

3.1 Rescheduling is defined as changing a course date before the course commencement date and time. 

3.2.0 No rescheduling of barista courses will be allowed within five (5) days or 120 hours of the scheduled barista course start time or event unless a $55 rescheduling fee is paid, including bookings made within the 120-hour window. 

3.2.1 The rescheduling fee does not apply when you have booked and paid for the course within 24 hours of the start time. 

3.2.2 The $55 rescheduling fee is payable for each time a reschedule is requested.

3.2.3 To reschedule your class, please fill out the rescheduling form on our website.


The following section relates to students who have failed to attend their booked barista course or have were more than 20 minutes late to class and denied entry.

4.1 Students who fail to attend their booked barista course must pay a $75 fee to reschedule a new class date within 1 week (7 days) of the original booked barista course date.

4.2 All rescheduling requests must be received via email through the form on our website. This allows us to create a clear timeline of events.

4.3 Failure to rebook a new barista course date within 7 days of the original booked barista course date via email will result in forfeiture of the entire course fee. It is your responsibility to rebook a new session within 1 week of the original date.


The following policies relate to Barista Course vouchers and Home Barista vouchers.

5.1 Gift vouchers are valid for a period of six (6) months from the date of purchase and must be redeemed within this six (6) month period. Every gift voucher will state its expiry.

5.2 Failure to redeem the voucher before the expiry date will result in forfeiture of the entire gift voucher fee.

5.3 Gift vouchers are not transferable for money or any other goods/merchandise.

5.4 No refunds on gift vouchers will be given. 

5.5 Gift vouchers are transferable to other people. 

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5 Reviews
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13 February 2018 • 5 Day Master Barista Course

I took the 5 day Master Barista Course with no background in coffee at all. I felt that the course had just enough theory and practical for a beginner like myself. It was extremely informative in terms of learning the basics of coffee origins, to more technical and advanced level like espresso brew formulas and ratios. There was more than enough time for us to practice making the coffee and our latte art. The exam on the last day was a great way to test how much information and how in-depth our understanding of the course was. The class was also made interesting because of the trainer David who is super passionate about the topic and makes it fun to learn. Although he can be a little fierce sometimes when we don't get our techniques right, he's encouraging when we eventually get there. Would definitely recommend this course for someone looking to have a crash course on coffee and coffee making :)

The Espresso School


Hi FX! It was amazing having you for the week with us. Thanks for making the trip all the way from Singapore. I hope to see you over there!


14 November 2017 • 5 Day Master Barista Course

Truly recommend this school! Full 5 stars score :))) I enrolled to Master Barista Class and it was sooo amazing! Completely exceed my expectations. For those who are interested to learn about coffee, I recommend this course without any hesitation (like calling for shotgun seat). The course will guide you and prepare you to work in a cafe with confidence and no fears (keep calm and grind it!). It is the most complete package course ever, from coffee bean in a farm to coffee in a cup just in front of you! Every subject discussed are with facts and calculations which makes the coffee so approachable and easy to think about coffee. The tutor, David has a friendly persona, always very approachable, patient to rectify every “bad habbits” over and over again (also strict which is good for personal improvements and results). Try, it will not disappoint! Zillions thanks David Seng! We shall see around! “Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey!” :)


06 November 2017 • 5 Day Master Barista Course

A lot of practices in amount of time is perfect for me to get in the zone and also correct which are wrong as well. I love the 5 days training and also is highly above my expectations. My advice may be just give more examples to do the art and also to use the machines more efficient. Overall is well done.

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