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Adult "Life Drawing in Public" Art Adventure Tour

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Art Adventure Tours are inspired by an Aboriginal term "Dadirri" which can be interpreted as "Deep Listening". 

We view creativity as a form of deep listening and in the tours our expert facilitator brings all her many years of experience in the visual and performing arts, art and dance therapies, art and dance teaching and creative mediation facilitation, to these events which are more "artworks" than "classes", more "art actions"  in which various topics are explored in interactive creative journeys through public settings.

Whilst our facilitator is trained as an Artist, Art Therapist and Art Teacher, in the Art Adventure Tours she uses all three of these modalities or "hats" in the one event. These events are not designed to be "entertainment" nor are they necessarily designed to extend your skills in any one particular area. They are aimed to be inspiring, rejuvenating and opening. They may at times be light and fun, and at other times be deep and moving.

We invite you to explore an awarenesses and expression of your inner world, your interaction with the others in the group and your relationship with the world around us.

With a focus on the way the everyday can inspire creativity, modalities we may touch on include singing, drawing, storytelling, photography, writing/poetry, movement and perhaps even sewing!

Sometimes we will have the opportunity to experience art exhibitions in new ways inspired by simple, easy to access activities to play with.

This is for those with no artistic experience as well as artists. All welcome. 

This particular tour, "Life Drawing in Public", will involve CLOTHED life drawing only.  We will set up on our tour, in various locations, impromptu life drawing classes, where one of the group will pose for the others in a particular setting and you'll be guided to do timed drawings. Movement, song and other modalities will be interwoven in to the experience. 

This is a unique tour not to be missed!

Limited numbers apply to all Art Adventure Tours. These are small group tours so get in quick to secure your spot.

• Limited discounted tickets for under 18 are available if supervised by an accompanying booking adult and you both deem this to be a suitable activity.

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What you will learn
  • Be guided by a Professional Artist, who is also an Art Therapist and Art Teacher in a small group
  • Experiment with a range of visual and performing art media and techniques
  • Create art in public spaces, interacting with environments in new and fun ways
What you will get
  • A sketch book and pen to take home
  • An experience like no other, memories forever: fun, frivolity and meditative moments all in one day!
  • New ways to interact with art in galleries and finding and creating art in the everyday

What to bring
  • Just your enthusiasm and ability to leave your expectations of yourself and what "art" is behind.
What to wear

Casual. Walking is a part of most of these classes, and possibly getting paint on you or wet or muddy. Who knows. Wear your most ragged clothes.

Appropriate for

All welcome.


Fiona Haasz

Vendor since 2019

Fiona is an Artist, Art Therapist and Art Teacher. She has worked across a range of disciplines in the visual and performing art arenas including Environmental activism and African dance. Her experience includes working in schools, Aboriginal communities, with community groups and across a range or Professional Art settings. Her Art Adventure Tours have been commissioned by Banyule Council’s Pinpoint Art in Public Spaces program as well via a Community Grant with Lisa Watson’s “Banyule: A Different Perspective” exhibition. She runs Art Adventure Tours for adults and also for children and has recently been working as an art therapist and artist in a school as well as exhibiting her art and teaching African dance.

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