Come and join us for a fun workshop on exploring the possibilities with colour. I will take you on a journey through the colour wheel. Learn to confidently create your own unique palette plus I will share secrets from the masters.

This will be a game changer on how we approach our paintings. 

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Class Schedule

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What you will learn
  • The colour wheel - breaking down the mystery
  • How colour can be the game changer to your work
  • Learn to make our own unique colours
What you will get
  • The opportunity to learn in a relaxing and supportive environment, and make new friends!
  • Feel confident with your colour choices

What to bring
  • All materials will be supplied
  • I ask students to bring a bag of all their own paints - we will look at your colour choices and how to make them work for you
What to wear

Casual (Warning: It might get messy)

Appropriate for

All welcome - No painting or drawing skills needed.


Jayne Rolinson

Vendor since 2017

Growing up in the Australian bush as a young child left Jayne with lasting memories of places, colourful characters and nurtured a deep love and respect for nature’s beauty and harshness. Jayne did not tap into her true passion for painting, until her successful non-artistic career wound down so she could dedicate her time to raising her precious family. This was a very pivotal and rewarding time in Jayne’s life for many reasons, one being when her hidden passion for art began to flourish.

Today, Jayne is a professional award-winning artist, with her artwork regularly requested for participation in art exhibitions. Jayne has created and sold original art work in all forms of media. Due to her creativity and use of her open minded approach to art ‘painting from the heart’, she has been able to combine different media to continually create stunning, unique pieces of art. In addition to creating art, it is very important to Jayne that she donates to various charities every year. It gives her great fulfilment in knowing that her donations are being appreciated and contributing to helping others.

Jayne’s great passion for combining nature, contemporary and abstract approach to art is evident. Jayne paints from her heart, with passion and determination that keeps her reaching for new heights. Public popularity and demand for Jayne’s work continues to rise.

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