HULA HOOPS Mondays @ 6pm

All levels fitness class.

Over 50 people have attended this class


Learn to manipulate 1, 2 and more hoops around your body while building coordination, stamina and technique. This class also includes flexibility and core conditioning. Suitable for all fitness and skill levels. NB: some of this class may take place outside. Mondays, 6:00pm -8:00pm

Your trainer will be Rachael Gibson - Who is very experienced and ready to have lots of fun! She is also super good at seeing the details in the tricks and helping you iron them out until you look like a professional.

Contact for any issues booking in or queries.

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What you will learn

  • Whether you are ready to learn how to hoop in a head/handstand or just starting this class has something for you.
  • Get core and cardio fit.
  • Learn how to waist, hand and foot hoop.

What you will get

  • We mix things up in this class and you'll get a couple of trainers to make sure you get an opportunity to learn a diverse range of hoops tricks.
  • Rachel Gibson and Abby Kelso will be your main guides with all the hooping possibilities.

What to bring

  • Water and healthy snack and your enthusiasm

What to wear

Clothes appropriate for hooping. Bike shorts can be good as hooping on your legs is easier with skin. Longer tights are also welcome.

Appropriate for

This class is open to individuals who identify as women, trans, and non-binary genders.

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5.0 (1 review)
03 April 2019HULA HOOPS Mondays @ 6pm
Vulcana is such a welcoming and inclusive space and I had a wonderful time working on my hoop skills. The teachers are knowledgable in both skills and putting together routines and I felt supported and encouraged to try new things as well as work on already acquired skills. Awesome way to stay fit too if you're not into performing, the classes are just as worthwhile!! Thanks againnn <3

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