Circus Bootcamp - Summer School

Open to all fitness levels

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This is an All Levels class, which means it’s suitable for all fitness and skill levels.

Ready to get strong and fit for circus? This class offers both to go as hard as you can and gain physical awareness as you do.

After the holiday break, this class will get you strong and fit, and will include some functional movement tips along the way to help you look after yourself in circus. So that you can keep playing for as long as possible!

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What you will learn
  • Strength and fitness specific to circus, and body awareness
What you will get
  • Strength and fitness specific to circus, and body awareness

What to bring
  • water bottle
What to wear

Comfortable clothing

Appropriate for

This course is for Women, Trans and Non Binary people only.


Vulcana Women's Circus

Vendor since 2017

Here at Vulcana Women’s Circus, we run workshops for adults and kids and teens, and we develop community projects with all kinds of different communities, the focus always being on creativity and empowerment through circus. You can book us for gigs, workshops or hire our space at the Stores Studio, Brisbane Powerhouse.

Vulcana’s circus workshop and performance projects engage a broad range of community participants and work in partnership with arts and community organisations to create opportunities for cultural expression and community development. In a safe, playful space we encourage participants to be themselves with joy and push the boundaries of what is achievable as one or in a group.

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Refund & Cancellation Policy


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Terms & Conditions

Kids and Teens




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