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Tom Greder Performance Intensive

Enrich your character and captivate audiences!


With over 29 years experience as a performing artist, teacher and dramaturg, Tom Greder conducts regular creativity, performing, communication and team-building workshops throughout the world.

Based on ‘Play’ as being the fundamental expression of human creativity and the basis of meaningful interaction, communication and problem solving. The workshops promote an articulate, profound, personally relevant and transformative expression for all those who want or need it.

Toms’ unique approach focuses on the relationship between the ‘Person’, ‘Character’ and ‘Artist’ in all of us.  By exploring, understanding and harmonising the often conflicting nature of these ‘inner voices’, participants gain a clearer awareness of themselves and their creative process. In application, this knowledge encourages a more engaging, honest and authentic communication & performance style. The inspiring and challenging workshops are aimed at anyone who wishes to gain a deeper insight into their creativity, motivations & latent abilities, and develop clarity of expression and an empowered, liberated stage presence.

Please note you have two options to attend! Either the 2 day workshop on the 19th and 20th. Or the Week long intensive 21st to 25th. Or BOTH! People Often come to the weekend workshop to work out if the week long program is best for them. This is a welcome option. 

Early Bird Tickets end at the end of December. 

All Genders Welcome!

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What you will learn

  • * Confront and challenge the blocks and habits which stand in the personal and creative way; * Expand the creative palate and techniques available to participants; * Expand a knowledge and vocabulary of the creative process; * Discover and explore techniques for freeing up movement, speech &fantasy; * Demonstrate new-found abilities and techniques in solo, duo and group improvisations and routines; * Demystify the stage experience; * Empower the performer.

What you will get

  • In order to create articulate and engaging communication or poignant performance, a deeper level of understanding about the human condition has to be awakened. Essential to this is a personal acceptance of the absurd and paradoxical nature of existence. The creative and artistic process is a deeply human one. It draws on the human and speaks through metaphor, parody, analogy, satire and comedy about the human.

What to bring

  • Lunch and Snacks.

What to wear

Comfortable Clothes.

Appropriate for

All Genders welcome to this workshop

Vulcana Circus

Vendor since 2017

Here at Vulcana Women’s Circus, we run workshops for adults and kids and teens, and we develop community projects with all kinds of different communities, the focus always being on creativity and empowerment through circus. You can book us for gigs, workshops or hire our space at the Stores Studio, Brisbane Powerhouse.

Vulcana’s circus workshop and performance projects engage a broad range of community participants and work in partnership with arts and community organisations to create opportunities for cultural expression and community development. In a safe, playful space we encourage participants to be themselves with joy and push the boundaries of what is achievable as one or in a group.

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5.0 (1 review)
22 January 2019Tom Greder Performance Intensive
Fantastic course, would happily return for more workshops

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