Sceaming Poppies

Creative Breakthrough Experience

3 Transformational Fully Immersive Days


No matter where you are in your life’s journey, come on the ride of a lifetime! This masterclass is a high energy, liberating,  exquisite taste of who you really are and perfect for all levels. Shani has designed all the elements to help you get comfortable quickly and establish trust to unlock and set free a level of yourself that you know is there but just needed a mentor who cares enough and is brave enough to do what it takes to bring you to the door and push you over the threshold. This spirit centered and educational experience offers a toolbox of techniques guaranteed to energise your life on and off the canvas. So, come and learn a new style of painting and break out in the safe environment of a glorious studio with a tried and true mentor who has coached hundreds, just like you to express themselves. Expect to let go, get messy, explode in pure colour and bring home a huge painting 


If you have ever wanted to use colour more boldly than you dare…... If you dream of wielding brushes and tools in a freedom that holds your energy……If you yearn to break through and experience a level of your SELF that you almost taste…….If you know there’s SO much more to your life than you are expressing right now then, THIS high energy, breakthrough painting experience IS the program for you

What’s Included… 


  • Large 100 x 100 cm (or similar) finished canvas to take home

  • Quality acrylic paints & brushes

  • Dynamic winning references

  • Daily ME-Time reflection & mindful practice

  • Visual diary & hand-out

  • An understanding of mark making & colour

  • Demonstration, coaching & mentorship

  • Experience an exciting approach

  • Hearty home-cooked lunches with bubbles at the end

  • Membership to VIRTUAL Studio


  • Unlock your creative power

  • Hang out with kindred spirits

  • Be bigger than you know yourself to be

  • Be bolder than you know yourself to be

  • Be more colourful than you know yourself to be

  • Break boundaries that have restrained you

  • Break constraints that have confined you

  • Bust out of what you know about painting at the moment


- this to get messy

- high (and reflective) energy

- mindful meditation to connect body, mind and spirit

- to bring your smart phone

- to wear clothes that can get paint on them

- to wear comfortable shoes

- to consider how you will get your big painting home


Located in a working artist’s studio nestled in the bustling inner city suburb of Hawthorn, Melbourne, join a limited group of up to 8 and over 3 glorious days, fill your inner tank with local produce, great company and freedom to express yourself artistically while you work on a BIG beautiful take-home HERO painting that will become the heartbeat of your home.

‘Thank you is not enough to express what is in my heart. You have a wonderful gift of life kindness, goodness, mercy and grace which you pour out into empty souls. Am so grateful for your encouragement and teaching. I loved the painting lessons a complete package and more than I prayed when I booked from NZ.  Will always treasure the pearls of wisdom you have spoken into my life. You are a very special and blessed woman” Fiona

PAYMENT includes GST and is in easy instalments with NO booking fees!

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What you will learn

  • How to paint a big bold HERO painting in easy bite sized steps
  • How to get around a big canvas and make your colours pop
  • How to loosen up and respond to the colours and shapes

What you will get

  • All food including home cooked lunch & wine and cheese to finish!
  • Freedom to express yourself
  • Hang out with a select group of like minded people
  • All materials including a ready-to-hang, 100x100cm (or similar) canvas & quality acrylic paints
  • An transformational painting experience that will revive your spirit
  • Explode in self expression
  • Tuition, inspiration, guidance and mentorship
  • Soak up the energy of a working artist's studio
  • Work Books
  • A big bold painting that may generate the heartbeat of your home
Parking Info

Will email information closer to the start date with further instructions and an intro to the other painters.

What to bring

  • Your intention to create and possibly get messy
  • A big apron and comfortable shoes
  • Smart phone with lots of space

What to wear

Casual layered clothes that can get covered in paint

Appropriate for

No experience needed Suits between 15-80

Formally trained in art, entrepreneurship, adult education and psycho-spirituality, Shani Alexander is known for her joie de vivre and paints with a boldness that flaunts her joy of living, grabbing life by both hands in celebration. It wasn't always this way for Shani, who was a grand finalist in the 2010 Entrepreneurship Challenge for a national company that she walked away from after her brother died. Her natural grieving allowed her to go inside and rethink the direction of her life and what emerged was a transformational change to workplace chaplaincy, a tree change and returning to her first love, painting.  She sees them all powerfully linked as working alongside suffering has put into focus the gift of life and how vibrant and alive everything is.  Her philosophy is to capture life because she understands the human spirit and the healing power of her message is that colour can help you rise above the ordinary.  

Shani studied painting and printmaking at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia and the themes of spirituality, colour and expressionism are woven into the details of her designs which she often re-works to curate strongly together as a complimentary story. She has participated in numerous shows and works and practices from her studio where the Yarra Valley meets the city of Melbourne.

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Refund Policy

All Shani Alexander’s Painting Programs will fill your tank creatively with fresh food, great company, inspiring tutorial, music and freedom to express yourself artistically BUT they are not refundable so, if for some reason, once a participant has purchased their place can’t make it, they can transfer to another Painting Program or transfer their place to another participant for any Painting Program of their choice

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Terms & Conditions

Refunds Policy

This workshop is limited to the number of people advertised and will fill your tank with local produce, great company, inspiring conversation, music and freedom to express yourself artistically BUT it isn't refundable so, if for some reason you cant make it, you can transfer yourself or another participant to another Painting Workshop

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