The 9 Most Badass Women of Westeros

You know nothing, Jon Snow. You really ought to take a class or two.

Creativity 6 min read Aug 12, 2020

WARNING: If you missed Beyond the Wall (episode 6), this post is chock-full of spoilers.

Yes, Game of Thrones is down to the wire and man, HBO still hits you right in the feels. Is the Wall about to crash down? Will the Night King ride Viserion, now wight dragon, right over Castle Black? Will Jon Snow’s royal parentage big reveal happen in time and spoil any ideas he has of making baby dragons with Dany? (Cersei and Jaime must be thinking: How cute.)

Hands down, this oh-so-short season of GOT belongs to the women of Westeros. We’ve watched them prepare for war; and as they battle for the Iron Throne in high style, their political savvy, expert brinkmanship, and dare we say impeccable fashion sense are nothing short of inspiring. Who run the world, amirite?

Daenerys Stormborn

Nobody loves a good barbie quite like our Dany. Remember Viserys‘s golden crown and the near miss with the Dragonslayer? And just this week, we all cheered for that White Walker cookout just beyond the Wall. And so, as all of Westeros knows by now, the girl’s got dragons and she’s not afraid to use them.

Take a hands-on class today and learn how to barbecue like a boss. Or you can whip up a mean meat lover’s feast that Dany and her reptilian kids wouldn’t dare miss. You’ll be ready to party hearty like this headstrong Targaryen!

Arya Stark

“Joffrey… Cersei… Walder Frey… Meryn Trant… Tywin Lannister… The Red Woman…”

With a list that long and still growing, it’s a good thing Arya Stark knows her way around swords. And Valyrian steel daggers. And Faceless Men disguises. Truly, she is proving to be quite a master at the art of war, and then some!

Be like our street-smart heroine and learn how to parry and thrust a Needle of your own in Engadine or Helensburgh. Or if you’re more a DIY kind of gal, a 4-day workshop will show you how to use a power hammer and make your very own steel axe. How cool is that? Arya Stark cool, that’s how.

Brienne of Tarth

Who says armour wear only belongs in a tourney of knights? Out of the medieval age and into the wardrobe of Brienne of Tarth, chain maille is definitely the new sexy, especially in Tormund’s book.

Steel wire tops are sadly out of fashion, but that’s alright. We know there’s a lot more to this woman than her weapons or protective gear. Pick up a fighting skill or two, not only to project your inner Ser Brienne but to battle your way out of the lion’s den, should you ever find yourself stuck in one. There’s really nothing more empowering than that.

Cersei Lannister

Everyone knows Cersei to be a beautiful, cunning, and ruthless ball-buster. After Tywin, she’s the Lannister that everyone loves to hate. But underneath all that, she is also a shrewd CEO, just brilliant with money - a Lannister always pays her debts, after all - and never to be caught dead without a wine glass in hand.

Take a page from Cersei’s book and learn how to run your own family business like a Lannister, manage your finances like a Lannister, and become a true oenophile like a Lannister.

Olenna Tyrell

Olenna never failed to amuse as she would drop her one-liners and browbeat her granddaughter’s twice-over monster-in-law into submission. Yup, nobody but this baddie granny can get away with calling the Lady of Casterly Rock a “famous tart”. Oh, burn!

Do you wear nothing except handmade but classic bling? Want to make your own vintage button set, learn all about wax modelling and casting, or spend a weekend setting your own unique pendants? Whatever your unique style, Olenna surely would have approved. Because whilst she may have dressed a bit like a colourful septa, she’s our personal hero - cool as a cucumber and classy to the very end. She is sorely missed.

Sansa Stark

We still remember our young Sansa, back during her needleworking days, playing Joffrey-loves-me-Joffrey-loves-me-not. That guy. A narrow escape, if ever there was one, that’s for sure!

But look at her today: ward of Septa Mordane turned lean, mean sigil-making machine but also Lady of Winterfell, Queen and Uniter of the North, and Executioner of the Rebellion. Fans want to know: Is Sansa styling herself more and more like pre-walk of atonement Cersei? If it’s true that how you wear your hair says everything about you, is this a sign of things to come or just another gorgeous DIY hairstyle? You decide.

Margaery Tyrell

Margaery was clever as hell - almost as politically adept as Grandma Olenna - and she certainly looked mighty regal in every one of her three wedding dresses. Yep, three - count ‘ em - three marriages in five seasons. How stylish was she? So stylish, she was the picture of poise and grace even as she met her untimely and gory end! After that, how can one not be a fan of Margaery’s couture?

Learn how to make your own modern corset patterns and you too can kick some serious arse in a tight bodice, from Highgarden all the way to King’s Landing. You don’t need prior sewing experience to make these bad girls; beginners are more than welcome to attend.

Meera Reed

Where would Bran Stark be if it weren’t for Meera? Not in Winterfell, that’s for sure. Thanks to her, the one-time Peeping Tom has emerged unscathed through a wight attack, three-eyed raven bootcamp, and the tragic loss of dear Hodor. Or has he?

Want to recreate the wonder of the Weirwood whilst mulling over the secrets of Greenseer Bran’s new and preternatural world? Learn how to use acrylic and paint your own tree of magic, as you sip on a glass of your favourite beverage. Hodor!


The red priestess of R’hllor is not at all the sultry woman of mystery that she appears to be; in fact, she is rumored to be hundreds of years old. Get the dish here and here:

Melisandre’s beauty secret? We’re guessing a healthy skin regimen, a proper diet, plenty of exercise, and okay, maybe a little help from Azor Ahai. Also, as everyone knows, gingers are magic.

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