Craft a Sterling Silver Spoon at Contemporary Metal

Try your hand at the ancient craft of silversmithing

Creativity 2 min read Apr 06, 2018

Ultimately a very satisfying workshop which resulted in a beautiful sterling silver spoon. Will be making more of these! Philip Noakes has the patience of a saint! - Sally

At the Contemporary Metal studio, you can try your hand at silversmithing and actually fashion yourself a sterling silver spoon in a mere two to three hours. All materials are provided, including the sterling silver to shape one spoon. You will walk away from class with the knowledge of how to hammer, roll, and polish sterling silver into a fine-looking metal piece.

Contemporary Metal, led by renowed craftsman Philip Noakes, hosts short-term and long-term classes at Osborne Park. It currently boasts 12 spacious work benches, and is equipped with proper tools for silversmithing and jewellery making.

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Sterling Silver Spoon -2 classes

Learn to shape and finish a silver spoon