The Best Classes and Workshops to Take in Sydney CBD

Find the best classes to pick up a new skill or brush up on your existing ones in Sydney.

Creativity 5 min read Sep 25, 2019

It’s never too late to start anything, let alone to learn new things. Want to discover how to make coffee art on your own? We’ve got a few couple barista classes that are right up your alley. Want to pick up a new hobby you didn’t even know existed or maybe take your existing one to the next level? We have you covered! This definitive guide to some of the most wonderful classes happening in Sydney CBD makes it easier than ever to acquire a new skill and add another string to your bow.

Accredited Barista Course

If you’re a latte fanatic, here’s a perfect way to express your love for this romantic drink. Coffee School will teach you not just how to get coffee to taste good, but to look beautiful as well. You will learn different pouring and layering techniques to produce perfectly silky coffee art designs.

Where: Opposite Central Station - Shop 3/107
When: March 18th, 21st, 25th
Cost: $129

Coffee Art Course - Level 2 (Non-Accredited)

For those serious about getting a job as a barista, Coffee School also offers the Accredited Barista Course, which runs for five hours. You will learn to operate all types of coffee machines, make every coffee on the menu and more. At the end of the course, you will earn two nationally recognised statements of attainment and invaluable job referral information.

Where: Opposite Central Station - Shop 3/107
When: March 18th, 21st, 25th
Cost: $75

Brush Lettering Workshop with Carla Hackett Lettering

Here’s your chance to skill up on this popular analog art form. Instructor Barbara Enright’s intensive brush lettering class will teach the fundamentals of creating modern script with a brush. You will get your very own brush lettering kit and gain a lot of hands-on experience from an expert letterer who has been practising brush lettering before it was even cool!

Where: Shillington College
When: April 29th
Cost: $550 (2-Day Session)

Pub Painting at King Street Brewhouse with Life With Paint

No painting skills? No problem! You won’t be the first to have started without experience and instead ended up with a beautiful landscape painting at one of Life With Paint’s pub painting sessions. And it gets better. You get to socialise with a group of lovely people, alongside drinks, good food and awesome music!

Where: King Street Brewhouse
When: March 20th
Cost: $65 (Regular) $39 (6 tickets or more)

Mo Money, Less Problems

You probably already know this, but that cliche that goes ‘money can’t buy happiness’? Not entirely true. More money means less problems absolutely does mean happiness to a certain extent. Learn to be financially savvy and take control of your life and your happiness in Work-Shop’s 2-hour class where you will learn about money basics, making smart investment decisions, and ways to make your money work for you.

Where: Work-Shop
When: March 21st and May 30th
Cost: $50

Buy Property Like A Pro

‘Where there is real estate involved is always a good idea’. It’s no secret that in the realty market, many successful people have emerged. Purchasing property is certainly a sound investment. If you’re buying into this idea, but have no clue what to do or where to start, you’re not alone. Learn from financial advisor and wealth coach Ben Nash and find out how to set up a strategy for success for when you want to get into the property investment game.

Where: Work-Shop
When: May 2nd
Cost: $50

Arabic Adventure by Taste Tours

Being a melting pot of different cultures, Sydney gives you the world on a plate - literally. This not-so-typical food tour will take you on an adventure discovering the best Arabic dishes and connect you to the best Arabic places to eat, and shops for the most authentic Middle Eastern dishes and ingredients. Along the way, you’ll also learn about the Arabic history, culture, and tradition.

Where: Taste Cultural Food Tours
When: March 19th
Cost: $85 (Adults), $75 (Concession Students), $69 (Kids 12-18yo), $49 (Kids 4-11yo)

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