Spooky Halloween Treats at Bake Boss

Here’s a sweet way to mark the creepy-crawliest day of the year

Creativity 3 min read Sep 26, 2018

Thriller movie marathon, freaky costumes, sugary treats for the neighbourhood trick-or-treaters? That’s so 2017! This year, add a monsterrific touch to your Halloween scarelebration!

We’ve got you covered this October! In this newest addition to Bake Boss classes in Underwood, you’ll create your own mouth-watering, show-stopping jack-o’-lantern 3D cake - from sculpting and airbrushing down to texturising. Just bring your baking A-game and you’ll come away with the perfect themed dessert.

And if Pumpkin Jack’s not Halloween-y enough for you, you can also make a round cake shaped like Frankenstein’s monster. Or how about a trick-or-treater in a bowtied fondant sheet? Of course, if spooky cupcakes are more your cup of tea, Bake Boss has got those, too.

They’re not just cakes; they’re art! Plus it’ll give the kids something to scream about - in pure, sugar-laden delight!

Halloween just got a little sweeter in Underwood!
Bake Boss

Bake Boss