How to Drink Beer Like a Boss

A beer is a beer is a beer - or is it?

Creativity 5 min read Nov 10, 2019

After a particularly long week, who doesn’t love a pint or two, especially when around friends at ye olde sports bar? But if beer is your poison and you still take it ice cold in a frosted glass, put down that drink and stop the madness!

There’s an art and a science to beer drinking and these tips can take you from cheeky chugger to genuine aficionado in no time at all.

A truly good beer is cool - literally

Beer, unlike revenge, is best served cool, not cold.

Having your brewski just above fridge temperature (it ranges from 35 to 60 degrees and depends on the type of beer) might seem counter-intuitive, since they do call it a “long cold one”. But in fact, ten minutes are all you need to chill your beer and unleash its gorgeous flavours.

Frosted glass? No, thank you

We really can’t say this enough: Frosting the glass ruins your beer. By causing the liquid to foam, it kills the lovely aromas, the carbonation, and everything that makes beer oh-so-good.


The glass shape tip, on the other hand, is just a bonus. Using a straight glass instead of curved can help you drink more slowly and keep you from getting too drunk too fast. Did someone say happy hour?

There is only one way to pour beer

No foam? Only if you don’t mind the bloating!

The secret is getting the right amount of barm, that lip-smacking foam that gives beer its special bitter-sweet kick. Here’s cicerone extraordinaire Max Bakker to explain the science. (A demo of the perfect pour starts at 1:45.)

It’s all in the wrist, see? Bet you’ll never look at cheesy nachos the same way again.

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Come for the beer, stay for the beer gelato. It’s Oktoberfest, after all!

Drink responsibly. Cheers!
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