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They say it all started in 2011 with Estelle. And since then, no foodie worth her salt would dare miss a Melbourne tour around Northcote! Perhaps, it’s not as obvious as Fitzroy; but we say 3070 is just as much a dining haven for families, couples, mates out on a weekend prowl, and more.

Have you heard of the whiskey bar that doubles as a bookshop? Ever tasted Tibetan dumplings? How about desserts straight from Turkey? Lena and Lee of Food Fetish Tours are your go-to guides to the booming gourmet scene and most authentic culinary experience that Northcote can offer.

If you’re like us and hopping from one restaurant to another and cruising around indie galleries, quirky shops, and chill-out hubs are your idea of an amazing time, this Melbourne tour is for you! It’s a gastronomic adventure that any gourmet lover would be thrilled to experience this holiday and also the perfect present for every foodie-slash-culturati you know.

But don’t take our word for it; just feast your eyes on these gorgeous dishes:

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Hungry yet? Head over to Northcote this month with your best mates for the ultimate foodie fix - just one of the mouth-watering holiday activities in Melbourne this December!

Perfect for adventurous foodies!
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A food tour of Northcote

Eat Like a Local Foodie