A Guide to Finding Your Signature Scent

New year, new you! Learn how to craft custom perfume

Creativity 3 min read Sep 25, 2019

Every perfume aficionado may have heard of the term “notes”. These are the different layers of odourants that make up your favourite fragrance, and also the reason why a scent after you’ve just sprayed it on is not exactly the same as after you’ve worn it for a few hours.

In this class by Kimberley Chocolates, you’ll mix and match notes to arrive at the scent that’s perfect for you. Do you prefer fruity and citrus? How about floral and sweet? Or perhaps, something spicy and woody. Whatever bespoke combination tickles your fancy, you’ll come away with two bottles of your unique mixture.

The workshop will cover with a brief history of perfume, explain the intimate connection between your sense of smell and your emotions, and finally, demonstrate the art and science of blending together notes like a certified perfumista.

The joy of blending your own scent doesn’t have to end after you’ve finished a bottle. Once you’ve learned the basics at this Sydney DIY course, you can craft it as often as you need it. And because perfumes have the ability to stamp onto specific moments of our lives, you’ll never forget that day your first mixed your very own signature fragrance. Also a fantastic, year-round gift idea for that special someone!

Make perfume that's perfect for you!

Perfume Making Workshop

Perfume Making Workshop