Top 8 Art Classes in Melbourne This Summer 2017

From drawing figures from life to creating large hero floral paintings, here are some art classes happening in Melbourne that will ignite your creative spirit.

Creativity 10 min read Aug 12, 2020

When people hear art or art classes, many tend to get intimidated. But as acclaimed artist and instructor Betty Edwards said, “Often, people hesitate to take a drawing class because they don’t already know how to draw. That is like deciding that you shouldn’t take a Spanish class because you don’t already speak the language.” We have to agree with Ms. Edwards here.

But why take an art class? Well, there are many reasons that you should – so much that it deserves another article of its own. But essentially, art classes challenge your creativity by having you think in new ways and see things differently. Whether you’re already in the art field or work in a highly analytical environment, creativity is a skill from which people in any field can benefit. In this article, we’ve rounded up the top summer art classes in Melbourne – whether you’re looking to gain new skills or brush up on your old ones. PLUS: Subscribe to our newsletter today and get a 10% discount on any of these classes! Yes!

Life Drawing – Covert Characters (Work-Shop)

When: Wednesday, 25th January 2017, 06:30 PM

Where: Work-Shop Melbourne

Cost: Regular Fee $20, Bring-a-Friend Fee $20

Drawing from life is one of the best ways to understand and practise drawing the human figure. As it happens, it is also one of Work-Shop’s most popular classes. “Covert Characters Life Drawing” is a 90-minute social and unpretentious life drawing class where you learn to expressively illustrate the human body by experimenting with various media like graphite, oil and chalk pastels, among others. The class is taught by Cindy Hanara, an illustrator and fashion designer of 10 years who will provide a welcoming environment so that you can let go of your inhibitions and just draw! Of course, it helps that there’ll be beer and wine to get your creative juices flowing. Class is open to both first-time and professional illustrators.

Pub Painting Monday at Captain Merville (Life with Paint)

When: Monday, 27th January 2017, 06:00 PM

Where: Captain Melville

Cost: Regular Fee $65, Package of 6 or more $39/pax

Want to be able to recreate a beautiful, lush scenery and add your own interpretation to it? Get to do that plus have a fun night out with lovely people – drinking, eating good food, listening to music, and socialising while painting. What could be better?

Life with Paint is a locally run business that brings social painting to local pubs! All their classes are inclusive of all painting materials, including an easel and an apron. It’s a great way to spend a night with friends, or even meeting new ones. No experience necessary!

Might we insert the time we went pub painting too?

Painting for Beginners: One-Day Intensive (Malini Parker)

When: Saturday, 11th March 2017, 09:30 AM

Where: Currawong Bush Park Conference Room

Cost: Regular Fee $395, Early Bird $347, Bring-a-Friend Fee $340

If you’re like many people and are scared to take on an art class, Malini Parker is the perfect inspiration. She is a scientist-turned-artist who didn’t pave into the creative path until her 40s. For this reason, Malini is very passionate about teaching beginners – helping them discover their creativity and demystifying the creative process using her seven-step process. Read more about Malini and her inspiring story.

If you’ve been curious about art and haven’t a clue about where to begin, this one-day intensive is perfect for you!

Watercolour Workshop (Put Your Heart Into It)

When: Thursday, 16th February 2017, 06:30 PM

Where: Big Bang Studios

Cost: Regular Fee $140, Bring-a-Friend Fee $90

Watercolour is such a fun and explorative medium; and this class offers the perfect environment to delve right into it. You will learn the basic techniques to watercolour painting, and the many ways you can use these techniques for many illustration types.

You will learn to create artwork in a style of your liking and take home your masterpiece, too. Oh and there’s also a grazing table of delicious organic food and wine while you paint. Need we say more?

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain (Opendrawer)

When: Tuesday, 14th February 2017, 06:00 PM

Where: Opendrawer

Cost: Regular Fee $185, Bring-a-Friend Fee $180

If you’ve felt, like many others have, that you have no talent for drawing and didn’t think you could ever learn it, this workshop by Opendrawer could prove you wrong. We live in a left-brain world; and drawing is a right-brain activity. This life-changing class will help you unlock your brain’s right hemisphere and very soon you’ll find out that drawing is a teachable and learnable skill, like any other.

This short course by Elise Judd will have you learning how to draw the right way, learn the tricks to drawing and help you think and see like an artist.

Floral Painting Workshop (Alexander-Perry Colour My World)

When: Friday, 24th February 2017, 09:00 AM

Where: Alexander-Perry Colour My World

Cost: Regular Fee $900 (3-day session, instalment option available)

The best art teachers are those that have the ability to take a piece of their being and relate it in a way that is captivating. Such is the style of Shani Alexander, a Melbourne-based artist whose artworks spell the character of boldness and high spirits. In this workshop, you will learn her philosophy of capturing life in nature, by creating a large hero painting using vivid colours and expressionism.

This class will not not simply teach you techniques in painting; it will offer a beautiful atmosphere for you to indulge in self-reflection and enjoy a truly worthwhile experience.

Botanic Art Classes (Watercolour Art Classes)

When: Tuesday, 7th February 2017, 10:00 PM

Where: Kensington Studio

Cost: Returning Student $295, Beginner Fee $320 (7-day session)

It’s obvious: This medium of art is becoming very popular nowadays. But Watercolour Art Classes has been teaching this art form since 2009, and students are just raving about their classes! There is so much beauty in our nature, and this 7-day workshop will enable you to recreate its many wonders onto paper.

This class is perfect for anyone – whether you’re a novice with watercolours or you’re looking to pick up your brush again. Emphasis will be on building confidence, technique, exploration of materials and more!

Mentoring and Studio Practice (Jacqui Stockdale)

When: Thursday, 2nd February 2017 01:30 PM

Where: Art Studio Fitzroy

Cost: Regular Fee $240

Jacqui Stockdale is a celebrated artist and popular tutor known to her students for being able to “unleash their surreal being”. She is a practising contemporary artist of 20 years and teaches oil painting for beginning and advanced learners. For those seriously considering following the creative path, Jacqui offers mentoring and practice sessions in her own studio.

Jacqui’s class is an opportune platform to gain skills and confidence within a small setting amongst other supportive students. You will also have the chance to showcase your work at the end of the term exhibition!

Ready to get your hands dirty?

If this year was the year you decided to push yourself out of your comfort zone, then give your left brain a rest and take an art class. Hurry and sign up to our newsletter.!