8 Mind-Bending Netflix Docos You Must See Right Now

Did someone say binge-watch? We got you

Creativity 10 min read Jul 26, 2021

So we’re all stuck at home right now and it’s hardly a staycation. But don’t be too bummed! When you find yourself itching to do something, anything, that’s even remotely crafty, we’ve got just the thing for you.

Here’s your guilt-free Netflix playlist of the most creative content you can stream today. The binge begins now.


Abstract follows several designers and zooms in on the process of creation. Demystifing the thinking process, it unveils the inspiration that drives them to make the things that shape and shake the world. Watch Nike designer Tinker Hatfield, as he reveals his approach to designing for one of the world’s best-loved brands. Get a glimpse of his mindset when conjuring up his iconic shoe designs.

Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia

Gore Vidal was one of the most prolific writers of his generation. His body of work, consisting of an incredible 30 novels and numerous non-fiction texts, was a commentary on life at large and things that nobody would dare speak about in public. More than anything, Vidal was able to demonstrate the importance of having your own voice and cutting through the noise. He certainly did so triumphantly with his remarkable pen and sharp tongue.

The Mind of a Chef

Once you’ve seen a cooking show, you’ve seen them all. Or have you? The Mind of a Chef made this list because it goes above and beyond your average cooking show and will pique your interest, even if you’re unskilled in the kitchen. Follow chef David Chang in his many culinary adventures, trying out recipes in countless restaurants in different countries - you know, just another day in the life of a master chef. Aprons required.


American fashion icon Iris Apfel has had a long, glamorous career, but shows no signs of slowing down. This eponymous documentary takes us on a trip with the nonagenarian megastar in her chic forays throughout New York City. Watch clips of her travels across the span of four years, putting on full display her sharp wit and unique quality that makes her the loveable living legend that she is. (Unfortunately, Netflix has dropped this title; but you can catch ‘Iris ‘ on this site.)

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

Art has always been a weapon of the rebel. And few artists have been able to send out a message with such clarity than Ai Weiwei, a fearless critic of the Chinese government. Join Ai Weiwei as he goest on a quest to start a new cultural revolution with this incredibly unapologetic documentary.

Fresh Dressed

Hip Hop has taken the world by storm and with the music comes the fashion. The culture behind the music genre is known for its fearlessness and its influence will not be denied. It has inspired much of what’s trendy today, especially among the younger generation. Fresh Dressed is a crash course in how social climate molds style, as it tells the story of how today’s pop culture came to be. If you get a chance to catch this, you will not be disappointed, especially if you’re a hip hop fan.

Sky Ladder

This doco takes a closer look at Chinese fireworks artist Cai Guo-Qiang in his quest to create one of the most ambitious pieces of art, inspired by the desire to “connect the earth to the universe”. Watch Sky Ladder and see how with imagination and creativity, one can become larger than life.

Harry Benson: Shoot First

During his heyday, if Harry Benson hadn’t taken your picture, you haven’t lived. The legendary Scottish photographer captured some of the most iconic photographs of the 20th century and throughout his career in photojournalism, has immortalised the world’s biggest stars, from the Beatles to Bobby Kennedy.