Hold On, Did Binge-Learning Just Become a Thing?

Why yes, yes it did. All thanks to self-distancing.

Creativity 8 min read Mar 24, 2021

Missed last week’s announcement? Get excited because online classes are now available on WeTeachMe!

More about this in the weeks to come but for now, check out the first set of classes that you can now enjoy via live streaming. Happy learning!

Also since our last blog post, we’ve found more free stuff in the wild to keep your physical distancing days 100% creative and productive. Read on!

Try free apps for remote working

Social distancing need not be so antisocial! If LinkedIn is your preferred way to keep in touch with your colleagues and peers, get excited because the social network is giving free access to 16 of their top professional development videos. Get tips on how to work remotely, maximise productivity, and manage stress, as you navigate the world of telework.

Indeed, as millions around the world try working from home for the first time, there’s more business to go around than the big voice and video collaboration providers can possibly handle. Jamm is one new player in this space and is offering their service free of charge to new signups for four months.

A quick reminder: Just because you’re staying in 24/7 doesn’t mean you should forget about keeping healthy. We’ve got fitness and health online classes lined up for you this month!

Help the kids to learn from home

For parents looking to keep their kids 100% engaged academically while schools are out, there are several online educational platforms offering their classes for free. Scholastic Learn at Home, for example, lists day-by-day activities to keep kids on track with their schoolwork.

In a similar way, Khan Academy crafted a structured learning schedule for children in preschool to 12th grade. The document lists resources to guide parents and teachers, ranging from reading recommendations to educational podcasts. Other child-focused initiatives include projects by PBS Kids, Age of Learning, Prodigy Math, and Mystery Science. The kiddies will never be bored as they expand their minds and get ready for the next term.

Get your read-all-you-want sci-fi titles here

Is curling up with an Isaac Asimov paperback your idea of fun? Well, you’re in for a treat because the British Science Fiction Association just announced a collection of works from generous authors and publishers to download for free. Discover new titles and subgenres to enrich your imagination!

Here are just a few other websites offering countless (and we mean countless) public domain ebooks and audiobooks available for everyone to enjoy:

Project Gutenberg

Pick free movies and TV shows to watch

You know what they say about being “all work and no play”. So if you ever feel like binge watching, there are free sites for that, too.

Like horror flicks? Streaming service Shudder has extended the period for their trial subscription to 30 whole days, just for supernatural fanatics like you. If documentaries and hot TV series are more up your alley, there’s a wealth of movies, documentaries, and TV shows on their respective apps, all free of charge on SBS On Demand and ABC iView.

Check out classes and workshops available now via live streaming!