Pork and Sausage making Butchery Class

What to Wear

  • Neat casual clothing that you don't mind getting a little dirty. Closed shoes and long hair tied back.

Appropriate For

  • Everyone 16 and over

Pork and Sausage making Butchery Class

About This Class

Class Schedule

  • This is a one off class
  • They are run from our Richmond Store on Thursday from 6pm until 9pm

What You Will Learn

  • How a pig is butchered, including learning the different cuts of meat and their best applications in the kitchen
  • How to make traditional sausages at home
  • An in-depth knowledge of organic butchery

What You Get

  • Hagens Cooler Bag
  • The Sausages you make
  • Meal and drinks at the end of the class
  • Butchers Apron
  • A 3 hour class with experienced organic butchers. You’ll come away with an expanded repertoire of cuts and ideas in the kitchen and a greater knowledge of where it all comes from.


Our Pork and Sausage Butchery class covers firstly organic butchery practice, from how animals must be grown, slaughtered and transported etc. 

As a class we then learn how a pig is broken down into its primary cuts. This is a very interesting part of the class where people enjoy learning where their favourite cuts come from, why they taste and cook the way they do. 

This is a great opportunity to learn about some lesser known cuts and how to prepare them; and why we approach each cut differently.

At Hagens we’re known for our preservative-free traditionally made sausages - We wish to spread our love of this ancient art with this new addition to our class. We will cover how a sausage is made from the grinding of appropriate cuts, balancing fat & moisture contents, the seasoning of some the world's most famous snags to the delicate art of getting it into the casing! 

This is a "hands on class". The classes are limited to 8 people with 2 butchers to watch over and guide you. 

You will take home the sausages that you make on the night, also we will provide you with a butcher's apron to keep.

At the end of the class there is a meal included matched with a matched beer or wine. 



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Jun 2016

I enjoyed the class but I would have liked to be more hands on when breaking down the pig carcass.

Apr 2016

Really enjoyed the night, you can tell the Guys are really Passionate about there business, From the Farm to the plate.

Feb 2016

It was really good to see where each cut of meat came from and what best to use it for. The techniques for making sausages were really enlightening and have given me confidence to make my own sausages. My family and friends thank you!