Mordant printing for Natural Dyes
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Mordant printing for Natural Dyes

How to make mordant pastes for natural dyeing

Next Available: Sun, 28 Apr 9:30AM (AEST)
6 hours


Mordants are metal salts that when applied to textiles assist natural dyes to bind strongly.  If mordants are thickened into a paste they can be applied to selective areas of the textile by stencilling, stamping, painting or screen printing.  When the treated fabric is dyed, the mordanted areas will dye selectively, creating patterned fabric or yarns. This technique is called mordant printing.

In this class you will learn how to make these mordant pastes and how to apply and fix them on textiles. You will print fabric and yarn with the pastes and, after processing, dye the textiles in natural dye baths.

By applying different strengths and types of mordants to a piece of fabric you can also create handy “test strips”. These can be used to test the potential of a natural dyestuff or to quickly test the effect of modifiers on those dyes. We will also make some of these in the class for you to dye at home.

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What you will learn

  • How to make, apply and fix mordant pastes to textiles prior to natural dyeing.

What you will get

  • Various pieces of fabric you have printed and dyed on the day. Fabric you have printed to use as test strips in your own exploration of natural dyes.

What to bring

  • Material Fee $10.00 Rubber gloves, apron. Something to take home wet textiles in e.g. old ice cream buckets. Preferably 2 of these.
  • Optional If you have them, you could bring A selection of paint brushes Stencilling equipment such as sponges Stencils up to around 12x12” or A4 size (smaller are suitable as well) Woodblocks .
  • All fabrics, mordants and dyes are included. We will be using simple upcycled silk screens in the class. If you wish you may purchase the screen after class for $10.

What to wear


Appropriate for

Anyone interested in natural dyeing.

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